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Rocking Video Game Fashion: ‘Destiny’ Style

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Each week on Twitch and Alpha hosts Erika Ishii and Trisha Hershberger talk video games with special industry guests, insightful coverage and a ton of audience interaction. You can join them every Tuesday starting at 4 PM PT. This week we got to chat with Courtenay Taylor & Cissy Jones of Destiny 2!  

Destiny and its sequel Destiny 2 are epic stories of mankind’s ascension through the intervention of the mysterious Traveller. Sure, we got some awesome powers and of course there’s always some race of evil aliens just waiting to come along and stomp our heads in for fun and profit, but the real nitty gritty of the game is: THE FASHION!

Someone call Tim Gunn, This hunter's rocking this cape.Someone call Tim Gunn, This hunter’s rocking the mismatched look.

Once you hit max level at 20 (and you’ll hit it really quick), improving your character means upgrading your gear. There are whole websites and Reddit boards dedicated to showing off your latest closet of armor and accessories, so it only makes sense that there are also Destiny based wardrobe items to be found in real life. If you want to let your inner guardian shine through check out some of these awesome designers.

The Bungie Official Destiny Line

The first stop is the Bungie store. They offer up all the official merch from t-shirts to hoodies to can koozies. Our favorite items are the “Spicy Ramen Shop” t-shirt and the “‘Gary’ Ghaul” t-shirt. You can check out more offical Destiny wearables at


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If you are looking for some seriously high-quality Destiny-inspired gear, check out MUSTERBRAND’s line of sweaters. Founded by Knut Jochen Bergel, Musterbrand creates fashionable gear for all sorts of pop culture fandoms including Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Game of Thrones, Diablo, and of course Destiny. We own a couple pieces from them and each one is worth its weight in glimmer. If you’re facing a chilly day fighting supply thieves on titan, these sweaters are sure to keep you warm.  Check out this and more at

RockLove Jewelry

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Handmade in New York City by designer Allison Cimino, RockLove jewelry is gorgeous! We saw a few pieces from her line at NY Comic Con and each one went straight on our Christmas list. Each piece comes in their signature Destiny jewelry box and makes a great gift for your favorite gamer.


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Worried you’ll miss the next public event? Keep track of the time with a Guardian watch. These officially-licensed timepieces come as either a pocket watch, narrow-band, or wide-band style. Considering all the epic adventures you face in Destiny, we recommend the wide-band to give you that extra level of armor. You can find these and more at

Whether you’re shopping for your own everyday style cosplay or gathering gifts for your fireteam, these items are sure to please. Load up on Destiny 2 gear, hit the runway, and just listen to everyone exclaim “Oh my cotton socks!” at how awesome you look.

Check out this week’s Game Engine (on Twitch and Alpha Tuesdays at 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Pacific) to learn more about the coolest things in the world of games with Erika and Trisha. 

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Image Credits: Destiny 2, Bungie, MUSTERBRAND,RockLove Jewelry, Thinkgeek

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