A RICK AND MORTY Comic About Sleepy Gary Is Coming (Exclusive)

Wubba lubba dub dub! Are you in need of that good  Rick and Morty fix? Well, lucky for you, our good friends at Oni Press have supplied us with an exclusive sneak peek at a comic book from the future. Feast your eyes on these lovely pages from Rick and Morty Presents Sleepy Gary #1 by Mags Visaggio, Nick Filardi, and CJ Cannon!

If you don’t remember, Sleepy Gary is one of the alien parasites who implanted themselves in the home and minds of the Smiths in season two’s “Total Rickall” (an episode that’s become a particularly fervent source for fan theories, as it’s never quite clear which reality we’re in when we first meet Sleepy Gary). The character is most notable for having created false memories of a romance with Jerry! After a brief reference in season three, Sleepy Gary is back in the flesh in this new one-shot that the publisher describes as “darkly funny and poignant.”

As our exclusive pages show, something strange is afoot, as it seems that Sleepy Gary is trapped in Rick’s laboratory and continues to think that he’s Rick’s son-in-law. We sure can’t wait to see what secrets will be revealed, and you’ve got until the 27th of August to head into your local comic shop and pre-order this scandalous tale!

Will you be picking up Rick and Morty Presents Sleepy Gary #1? Can’t wait to find out what on Earth is going on in Rick’s lab? Just want to see some hot Jerry on Gary action? Let us know below!

Images: Oni Press, Adult Swim

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