Rick and Morty‘s seventh season will feature new voice actors in the two lead roles. One that isn’t changing about Rick and Morty, though, are the show’s ridiculous episode titles that actually tell us quite a lot about what happens in them. Adult Swim has released the official names for all ten episodes we’ll see when the animated series returns in October. This batch of overly silly, heavy-handed puns promise lots of love, heartache, and religious entanglements. But the most exciting Rick and Morty season seven episode title of all indicates we’ll finally see more of Ice T’s Numbericon, Water T.

The boys will soon be back back in town the Central Finite Curve, and when they do, they’ll continue their interdimensional adventures that so often resemble famous movies. We know that thanks to the new batch of episode titles for Rick and Morty’s upcoming season. Here they are, along with what specific movie (or in one case song) we think they’re riffing on:

Rick and Morty Season Seven Episode Titles

  1. “How Poopy Got His Poop Back” (How Stella Got Her Groove Back)
  2. “The Jerrick Trap” (The Parent Trap)
  3. “Air Force Wong” (Air Force One)
  4. “That’s Amorte” (Dean Martin’s Classic Song “That’s Amore”)
  5. “Unmortricken” (Unforgiven)
  6. “Rickfending Your Mort” (Defending Your Life)
  7. “Wet Kuat Amortican Summer” (Wet Hot American Summer)
  8. Rise of the Numbericons: The Movie (Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and/or G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)
  9. “Mort: Ragnarick” (Thor: Ragnarok)
  10. “Fear No Mort” (Fear No Evil)
Rick and Morty excited in the cockpit of Rick's ship
Adult Swim

Starting off with a Mr. Poopybutthole episode followed by a Jerry-centered one is a killer beginning for Rick and Morty season seven. Neither character ever fails us. After that, the Rick and Morty season seven titles reveal we’re getting another President Curtis installment and a new chapter in Morty’s love life. Then comes two episodes based on iconic films. But while we expect the Unforgiven-inspired episode to take place in a mortal realm, same as the series’ Wet Hot American Summer-influenced entry, “Rickfending Your Love” looks like it will be part of a bigger season seven element.

Not only does that title suggest Rick might have to save either his or Morty’s mortal soul from damnation (or maybe even both), the tag for “Mort: Ragnarick” says “Heaven is for real.” And “Fear No Mort” is based on the 1981 horror film about Lucifer on Earth. That’s three out of ten Rick and Morty episode titles teasing major connections to Heaven and Hell.

Adult Swim

As excited as we are by those possibilities, our favorite Rick and Morty season seven title goes to the eighth one. It teases the long-awaited return of a truly fantastic character, Ice T’s alien Numbericon. His heroic, tragic story led him to once again became his true form, Water T, in the amazing season two episode “Get Schwifty.”

He’s why we don’t care who goes to Hell this season. Seeing Water T again will be heavenly.

Rick and Morty season seven and its new freshly titled episodes debut on Adult Swim on October 15.