You can’t expect a lot of peace and quiet when your grandfather is Rick Sanchez. But it looks like even by his standards the Smith family is in for a whole lot of trouble during Rick and Mortys sixth season. The show’s newest trailer finds Jerry, Beth, Space Beth, Summer, and Morty in constant danger. Some things are harder than having to “do a Die Hard,” though. Like dealing with your annoying neighbor Gene and launching another podcast out of a garage.

There’s a whole lot going on in this trailer. And it’s all worth paying attention to. But we need to take a second to point out something that shouldn’t be overlooked. The person who realized they should pair an action-packed Rick and Morty trailer with Black Sabbath deserves a raise. It’s a perfect combo. We pity the parallel worlds that got this trailer with some other song.

As for Rick and Morty‘s sixth season, “peril” awaits the Smith clan. Lots of peril. From killer robots and alien terrorists, to totally abandoning their own reality and becoming human shields, death is everywhere. Everyone and everything wants to kill Rick. (Or in Gene’s case, kill Rick’s patience.)

Space Beth flies Rick and the Smith family in Rick's spaceship on Rick and Morty season 6
Adult Swim

This trailer isn’t all violence and mortal danger, though. Space Beth is back. Woo! And there’s an updated version of our favorite alien video game, Roy: A Life Well Lived. Not to mention this trailer shows Summer getting Wolverine claws and Rick running around like the Men in Black’s very own cyborg.

However, one thing is missing from this Rick and Morty trailer. There’s no obvious clue about “Wormageddon” and the mysterious giant egg Evil Morty left behind at the Citadel.

For answer to those mysteries we’ll have to wait for Rick and Morty season six to premiere at Adult Swim on September 4. That’s not that far away so please don’t try and launch yet another podcast before then.