Adult Swim recently released a fantastic five-minute Rick and Morty homage to Lone Wolf and Cub. We loved it, but we also feared it might be the network’s way of placating us before yet another long hiatus. Season four debuted with only five episodes. And there has been no indication when we’d get the rest. But it turns out we couldn’t have been more wrong. Their shogun tribute wasn’t a snack to tide us over. It was an appetizer. Rick and Morty will return on May 3, and they’re bringing back some old favorites when they do. The show’s new trailer features some important characters we haven’t seen in a long time. And it also hints at the next step in Evil Morty‘s plan with the Citadel of Ricks.

First: YESSSS! We really, really need new Rick and Morty episodes right now. Sure, that’s always true, but it’s extra true right now.

As for what we can expect when the show returns, it looks like Summer will be named queen of an alien planet. That will send Rick and Morty, armed with “unnecessarily badass” suits, on a quest to bring her back. Most of the five episodes appear to take place away from Earth, as there’s very little footage from the Smith household outside of Jerry having his very own bottle of honey.

But that’s not a bad thing, because being away from home will allow Rick and Morty to run into some old friends and some old foes. That includes Morty’s old dog Snuffles, still in his mech-suit. Snuffles, voiced by our friend Rob Paulsen, hasn’t had a speaking role since episode two in season one. We expect that to change. The trailer shows Snuffles fighting a cat in their own mech-suit.

RICK AND MORTY Announces May Return in New Trailer_1Adult Swim

We expect Snuffles to still be on Morty’s side. But that’s not necessarily true of Summer’s old friend Tammy. The two will have a freaking lightsaber battle. (Woo!) Tammy was last seen marrying Rick’s best friend Birdperson (now Phoenixperson) in the season two finale. At the wedding Tammy revealed herself to be a secret agent of the Galactic Federation. Since Rick has since destroyed the entire organization, it’s not clear who Tammy serves now. But we’re sure Phoenixperson still serves her, and we expect to see him in season four’s second half. (This looks like it might be from the same episode when Snuffles will return.)

Adult Swim

They might not be the most important characters to return. The promo shows an entire fleet of Ricks in uniform with droid soldiers by their side. This could be the army amassed by the Citadel of Ricks President, Evil Morty. Why now? What is he planning? And what has happened to the Citadel? Our Morty seems to be in attack formation flying over the Citadel, which is in ruin. Whatever has happened it looks big. And it also looks like it will lead to a naked, greased up Morty fleeing for his life.

Adult Swim

If we’re really getting Snuffles, Tammy, Phoenixperson, and Evil Morty in the second half of season four, we don’t even care we had to wait a few extra months for the episodes to air. But please don’t tell Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland that. We do enough waiting for Rick and Morty already.

Featured Image: Adult Swim