Report: Dog Steals Smaller Dog and Makes a Break For It

Unless a pup was in tremendous peril from an abusive or neglectful owner, we could never condone dognapping. Nobody should be taking someone’s best fur-covered friend. At least that applies to people, because this amazing and adorable video of a bigger dog stealing a much smaller one is definitely okay with us.This hilarious clip was shared by Twitter user @chaeronaea who said she came across it on Reddit. It shows a golden retriever grab the leash of a much smaller Pomeranian. They two then take off with a woman frantically chasing after them, in what can best be described as the physical manifestation of The Benny Hill Show‘s theme song “Yakety Sax” combined with the world’s funniest dog video.

At first it appears as though the Pomeranian is on board with fleeing, in what looks like a daring escape at the start of the world’s greatest buddy action-comedy. However, things take a dark–even funnier–turn when the golden retriever stops to go the other way. The Pomeranian helplessly looks back at the owner to be saved before being dragged away by the much stronger dog.We’d feel badly about that, if not for the fact this is obviously the best thing we’ve ever seen. And the golden retriever probably knows something the Pomerian doesn’t, like how a third, unseen dog desperately needs their help, or how they need to get to the queen before the cat assassins do. Maybe this isn’t even a dognapping, maybe it’s a dog intervention and the golden retriever is rescuing the other one.We don’t know; all we know is they’re both obviously very good dogs, yes they are, which means they get the benefit of the doubt. It’s not like they’re human.What do you think/hope the real story of this dog escape is? Tell us your best idea in the comments below.

Featured Image: Illumination Entertainment

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