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Ready Your Mug of Ale: Critical Role Drinking Game Rules

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Belly up to the bar, adventurers. Every week on Critical Role, we dive into a world packed with adventure, intrigue, and plenty of partying (if you have enough gold). Want to join in on the fun? Grab a mug and a sword and follow the Vox Machina into battle with the Geek & Sundry Community’s Critical Role Drinking Game. These rules come straight from the fans, who catch every time Matt mixes up Vex and Vax or whenever Percy lands a headshot. You can play along with your own cup of ale, fruit punch, or anything you happen to have on hand. Maybe not coffee–one good adventure may keep you up all night.

You’ll root for Trinket to attack every foe, hope Vax scouts ahead, and know that whenever there’s Bad News, it only means good news for you. It’s a fun way to be a part of the adventure without having to roll the dice. And remember, you can catch live episodes every Thursday Night (7PM PT) on Twitch or catch them on the site if you miss the big party.

Join the community who made these amazing rules and lift a cup to the team the next time you watch them.

Download the Official Community Drinking Game Rules here:


Special thanks goes out to Kenneth Riggall (@kennefriggles) who designed the rules page and most of the amazing Critical Role Shirts that you should also check out.

Feature Image Credit: Angie Steeves (@banjelerp)

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