Our favorite wickedly good games are expanding in 2024. Ravensburger announced two new games will join its Villainous line in 2024. These new 2024 releases will include a Disney Villainous expandalone game and a Star Wars Villainous expandalone game. The franchise will also evolve its expandalone format this year across its various arms. These, of course, include the Disney Villainous, Star Wars Villainous, and Marvel Villainous games. Expandalone sets will now feature “two characters at a more affordable price point” helping to welcome new players into the fold. But long-time fans can rest easy because these expandalone games have a few surprises in store for everyone. Let’s take a look at the new Disney and Star Wars Villainous games coming our way in 2024.

New Star War Villainous: Revenge at Last ​Expandalone Game Coming in Summer 2024

Darth Maul, Captain Phasma, and Cover of new Star Wars Villainous expandalone game Revenge at Last

We’re heading back into the dark side of Star Wars for continued exploration of the galactic villain-verse. Ravensburger has released that the new Star Wars Villainous expandalone game, Star Wars ​Villainous: Revenge at Last, will feature two fan-favorite villains. Yes, the iconic Darth Maul and Captain Phasma are heading to Star Wars Villainous this year. That gives us absolute chills, in a good way. This will be the first first two-player expandalone game in the Star Wars​ ​Villainous​​ universe, but we’re sure more new sets will follow.

Of course, Darth Maul and Captain Phasma are more than enough. Two of our all time favorite Star Wars villains.

A release shares, “In the Star Wars ​Villainous: Revenge at Last game​, players will race to fulfill the dark destinies never achieved by either Darth Maul or Captain Phasma, two iconic villains from the ​Star Wars​ galaxy, each villain offers a “Villain Deck” of cards with a unique and immersive gameplay style inspired by that character’s motivations and stories throughout ​Star Wars ​media. Players must channel their villain’s “Ambition,” strategic thinking and luck to be the first to achieve their sinister objective. The Star Wars ​Villainous​ game also includes game mechanics unique to the ​Star Wars ​galaxy, such as a currency for Force wielders and rules for iconic ships and transports. Additional gameplay details will be revealed in June alongside the game’s pre-order.”

Darth Maul and Captain Phasma Will Make Star Wars Villainous: Revenge at Last the Most Cutthroat Game Yet


We can’t wait to see what new secrets this Star Wars Villainous expandalone game holds. But know this one will be cutthroat.  Lysa Penrose, Head of New Games Marketing at Ravensburger shares, “The ​Star Wars​ galaxy is filled with rich, nuanced, dark, tragic, wonderful stories, especially when it comes to ​fan-favorite ​villains​ like​ ​​​​Darth Maul. When it comes to celebrating the ​​​d​ark ​s​ide of the Force, we knew we had to tell the story of Darth Maul through Villainous’ immersive gameplay. How does one capture that in a deck of cards? Fans should look forward to our team’s custom art of iconic moments and an Objective more ruthless than ever before.” Dun, dun, dun. Of course, we know Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie in the live-action Star Wars movies, does not pull any punches either.

When Will Star Wars Villainous: Revenge at Last Release?


But when will we be able to get our hands on this new Star Wars Villainous expandalone game? Star Wars ​Villainous: Revenge at Last will be available for pre-order on June 24, 2024, and the new game will go on sale ​​​​​​at Target beginning July 21, 2024. It will sell for the reduced Villainous expandalone price of $19.99 USD/$29.99 CAD.

Sounds like it will be a chilling time. We’d better cuddle our favorite Loth-cat as we wait for battle.

Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spite


Sugar and spite and everything sneaky, that’s what Disney villains are made of. The Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spite expandalone game will focus on two iconic foes, King Candy and Shere Khan. A release shares about the game:

Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spite, featuring King Candy from Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph” and Shere Khan from Disney’s “The Jungle Book,” will become the franchise’s newest expandalone when it debuts in June. A special edition of the game, featuring a candy bar-themed packaging sleeve and exclusive finish on King Candy’s mover, will be available exclusively at Target.


Who doesn’t love a good candy bar theme? We bet even tigers love chocolate. Don’t they? In any case, we can expect this duo to bring delightful menace to this Villainous game. They form a bit of an odd couple, but that feels like part of the fun. A release further shares about the Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spite and its new two-player expandalone format:

The first game to be released in the new, two-player expandalone format, Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spiteintroduces new Villain Objectives and mechanics to excite both new and first-time players. The heart of Disney Villainous is simple: Move your Villain to a new location on their Realm board and take the actions available at that location. However, King Candy’s Realm introduces the Sugar Rush Speedway, a racetrack of actions along which the King Candy mover – inspired by the character’s racecar – travels. Players can move King Candy one to four action spaces on each turn, allowing unprecedented flexibility and power in action selection. Then, the player can use the action on which they land, the one before and the one after. 

To win the game, players who choose King Candy must successfully attach a Glitch to Vanellope von Schweetz and then beat her in a Sugar Rush Race on the Sugar Rush Speedway. Conversely, players who choose Shere Khan must work to clear their Realm of fire and defeat Mowgli to prove the wicked Bengal tiger is still King of the Jungle. Just as in Disney’s The Jungle Book film, Shere Khan’s ally Kaa the Snake stands out in gameplay.


Sounds like exciting adventures lay in wait. Disney Villainous: Sugar and Spite is now available for pre-order at Target. The new game will release in-stores on June 9.

This expandalone game will also cost the new, cheaper price of $19.99 USD/$29.99 CAD.

Other Villainous Game Releases


In addition to the new Villainous expandalone games arriving in 2024, Ravensburger is also planning a wide release for its Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil game. This game is meant to help new players understand the world of the game and get started playing.


Ravensburger had this to say about the re-release of Introduction to Evil:

First released in 2023 as a limited Disney100 offering, the game will be available nationwide in August at mass retailers and hobby stores. Introduction to Evil has been refreshed with video resources and streamlined gameplay designed to be welcoming for beginners. It includes a lower price point ($29.99 USD/$39.99 CAD) and a refreshed box, and it reintroduces some of the franchise’s first Disney Villains – Maleficent, Captain Hook, Ursula, and Prince John. The changes incorporate fan feedback and the Ravensburger team’s learnings from developing the game for over five years.

So, if you’ve been waiting to play, 2024 is your time to jump right in. We can’t wait to see what other surprises these games have in store for us this year. Who doesn’t like to dabble in villainy, after all?

Originally published on January 4, 2024.