There’s a lot happening on our screens these days. And let’s be honest; not all sound mixing leaves us feeling like we can actually hear what’s happening on our favorite shows and movies. Sometimes, important moments feel lost in the shuffle. We end up with our ears glued to our speakers. Or we have to replay a scene over and over again to make out its meaning. Of course, there are subtitles, and we appreciate those, but that option doesn’t always work for everyone. But now, Prime Video has introduced a new accessibility feature called Dialogue Boost to help make sure we don’t miss a sentence of what we stream. Here’s how this new feature helps you hear whatever you’re watching.

The Boys, Butcher on the Phone, Prime Video has introduced Dialogue Boost to help you hear speech better
Prime Video

A release shares:

Dialogue Boost lets you increase the volume of dialogue relative to background music and effects, creating a more comfortable and accessible viewing experience that cannot be found on any other global streaming service.

Amazon notes, “While Dialogue Boost was built with the needs of customers who are hard of hearing in mind, anyone can use the feature to suit their personal listening preferences.” And that is much appreciated. With Dialogue Boost, viewers can select their preferred dialogue volume.

Prime Video

How Does Dialogue Boost Let You Hear Speech Audio Better?

Here’s how it works:

Dialogue Boost analyzes the original audio in a movie or series and intelligently identifies points where dialogue may be hard to hear above background music and effects. Then, speech patterns are isolated and audio is enhanced to make the dialogue clearer. This AI-based approach delivers a targeted enhancement to portions of spoken dialogue, instead of a general amplification at the center channel in a home theater system. As a result, Dialogue Boost can be enjoyed anywhere the Prime Video experience is available.

To turn on this feature, simply go to your audio and subtitles drop-down menu on Prime Video and select the level of boost you’d like. And hopefully now you can better (or actually) hear what’s happening on whatever you’re watching.

Happy listening!