Planters Brings Back Its Classic Cheez Balls for a Limited Run

You know something is truly tasty when you’re willing to repeatedly cut your hand on an aluminum can to eat it, which is why for years orange-dust lovers everywhere were willing to risk personal injury to chow down on Planters Cheez Balls, the only cheesy puff food endorsed by a sentient peanut wearing a monocle. Sadly, though, the classic snack was discontinued in 2006. Loyal fans have never given up the fight to see it return to grocery shelves, and now Planters is finally read to give them what they want, because they are bringing the snack back this summer for a limited time.

Just in time for summer BBQs, Planters is bringing back Cheez Balls starting on July 1st for a limited run. The company says this is partly in response to fans who were so eager to eat them again they started a petition demanding their return. But they aren’t coming back by themselves, because they will also be joined by another orange-tinged snack the company made popular in the ’90s: Cheez Curls, the preferred snack for people who love airy, cheese-flavored goodness, but aren’t fans of things that are round.

Not to sound cheesy, but we hope they also brought back their old aluminum container too. It wouldn’t be the same without it.

What other classic snack would you love to see make a triumphant return? Take a bite out of our comments section below and let us know what tasty treat you hope to nosh on again.

Images: Planters

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