The classic catch phrase for Pokémon has always been “gotta catch ’em all.” But how is one expected to catch that darn Pikachu when he’s slippery as butter? And when we say “slippery as butter,” we actually mean that quite literally.

Thanks to the folks at Sora News, we’ve learned about a Twitter user named Jared Holt, who saw something both fascinating and kind of disturbing while standing in what looks to be a buffet line in Istanbul: a rather large Pikachu sculpture that was made entirely of butter.

Well, almost entirely. Although his body is made up of butter, there are his cheeks and the little black tips around the ears, and no one is quite sure what the heck those are made of, although we hope it’s actually something edible, because otherwise, eww.

Apparently, shaping butter into shapes, particularly shapes of cute cartoon characters, is a bit more common in Istanbul. Another Twitter user spotted a large butter Smurf not too long ago, although the lack of blue on said Smurf made it look more like a very jaundiced elf. At least the Pikachu made sense with the color.

This is apparently not the first time that someone has been inspired by the world of Pokémon to create food items, as there have been Pikachu pancakes, Pikachu burgers, and even Pikachu donuts in the recent past. (those were actually pretty cool).

Of course, the internet being the internet, there are already memes popping up using butter Pikachu as the butt of jokes, and in particular making light of those eyes of his, which are pretty darn creepy. It’s probably too late to stick a butter Pikachu joke into  Detective Pikachu, but who knows! Maybe Ryan Reynolds can make that happen. We know we’d sure get a chuckle out of it.

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