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This Indoor Herb Garden Basically Takes Care of Itself

Growing your own herbs is kind of like having a pet — except it won’t wake you up two hours before your alarm clock. Oregano has never knocked a cup off a table because you weren’t paying attention to it. The problem is actually growing your own plants is pretty hard, especially if you’re doing it inside. Enter PICO Planter Herb Garden, an indoor herb gardening kit that doesn’t ask you to learn how to grow herbs indoors. It even has its own grow light. Automate your green thumb and get PICO Planter Herb Garden on sale for $39.99 (Reg. $49). 

PICO Planter beat its Kickstarter goal by nearly $1.5 million dollars. All that hype grew because of how easy PICO makes growing your own indoor plants. The OSRAM LED grow lights keep your plants healthy even if it’s the only light they’re getting. They’re mounted on a telescopic rod that accommodates plant growth up to nine inches. The self-watering system does most of the upkeep for you, letting your plant draw as much water as it needs as long as you top it up once a week. You can even check the water intake against a plant ID app to make sure it’s getting the right volume.


For an indoor gardening kit, convenience is the name of the game. Ideally, you can put in minimal effort and still enjoy the fruit—or herbs, flowers, and leaves—of your labor. PICO requires minimal upkeep, lets you grow anything that fits in the planter, and you can put it pretty much anywhere.

One reviewer from geardiary wrote, “It’s a really nice way to grow herbs in the kitchen, and it was a fun way to give my kids a little science lesson, too.”

It can also help purify your air, change your ambiance, or just look good. You can even set up a daisy chain and connect multiple PICOs together. Ultraviolet light might be purple, but you can turn your home into a greenhouse. 

Learn how to grow herbs indoors with this awesome indoor gardening kit. Get PICO Planter Herb Garden on sale for $39.99 (Reg. $49).


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PICO Planter Herb Garden – $39.99

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