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Get $200 Off This Phone-Sized Pocket Projector

The first electric movie projectors could fill a large room and weren’t exactly sturdy enough to carry around. Now, you can keep the same technology anywhere you can fit your smartphone. The Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector is as small as it is powerful, and Nerdist readers can get it on sale for $199 by using code PRIMA for $200 off.

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This compact portable projector weighs as much as an iPhone 7s Plus but can cast a crystal-clear image onto a 200-inch surface. That means you can stop anywhere and turn a 16-foot bare wall into a living screen. And it’s not just movies that you can use this for.

Stream apps directly from your smartphone using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or the included media cables. Show off your skills in your favorite app, play comfort shows on any blank wall, or watch your favorite streamers on your ceiling. You don’t have to install a monitor anywhere you want a screen. Just point the projector, lie back, and experience your favorite shows. No neck twisting or pillow propping is necessary.

This project has an impressive 200 lumens and uses an LED light that won’t need a replacement for years to come. Video projection lasts for three hours before it needs a charge, and the Prima can blast audio for up to 30 hours before the battery runs out. At barely six inches across and three inches long, you’ll barely notice that you’re carrying around the equivalent of a massive screen that doesn’t need installation or complicated wiring.

Get the Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector for $199 if you use the code PRIMA at checkout for an extra $200 off. No matter where you go, this awesome little gadget has you covered when you need to blast 16-foot wide movies and videos. 

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