Count Von Count has been teaching the children of the world about numbers on Sesame Street since 1972. But sometimes even he struggles with wrangling numbers. Especially when those numbers are hyperactive little Muppets themselves. Back in 1996, the Count couldn’t get a particularly defiant Number One to get into its proper place in a numerical lineup. Luckily for the Count, Sir Patrick Stewart was on hand, and he has a little experience on getting anyone named “Number One” to do as he orders, thanks to his years as Captain Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

You can watch this adorable Sesame Street clip, which we discovered via Laughing Squid, down below:

I don’t remember the good Captain ever being quite this stern with Commander Riker on the bridge of the Enterprise. But this little Number One simply hasn’t earned his rank yet, so a good scolding from Starfleet’s finest was probably in order.

Stewart also appeared in this mid-’90s episode performing an impassioned version of Shakespeare’s soliloquy from Hamlet. Only this time it’s about the letter ‘B.’ Sir Patrick, in full Renaissance garb, poses the eternal question “B….or not a B.”

Stewart once jokingly referred to this mini Shakespearean performance as one of “the two most distinguished bits of work that I’ve done in the U.S.” No, the other one isn’t Star Trek or X-Men, it’s actually his guest stint on The Simpsons. Patrick Stewart only ever made one other appearance on Sesame Street, singing the Alphabet Song in a montage with several other celebrities.

Sir Patrick should beam down to Sesame Street one more time, and maybe poke a little fun at his iconic X-Men role as Professor X this time. And if he brings his X-Men BFF Sir Ian McKellen with him? That would be even better.

Featured Image: CBS/Children’s Television Workshop