Is there any chance Parks and Recreaction and The Good Place don’t take place in the same universe? “Neigh.” Not after Pawnee’s tiniest celebrity Li’l Sebastian made an appearance in the afterlife.Last week’s episode of The Good Place, “The Worst Possible Use of Free Will,” featured a flashback (Or maybe flash to a piece of an R; thanks Jeremy Bearimy) to the afterlife timeline when Eleanor and Chidi fell in love. That included Michael setting up a torturous “Pick a Pet Day,” and among those animals was Notre Dame alum Li’l Sebastian, who got an explosive farewell on Parks and Rec. It might have been an easy Easter egg to miss, but D’Arcy Carden shared a photo with the little horsey on Twitter.

NBC confirmed on Instagram it was the exact same horse too, with an Andy Dwyer-inspired message about how “1 like = 1 candle in the wind.” This isn’t the first crossover between the two series, both created by Michael Schur, but it might be the most direct one yet, since Li’l Sebastian died on Parks and Rec and showed up in…..hey, wait a minute.Li’l Sebastian was seen in a flashback to when Eleanor, Tahani, Chidi, and Jason were all secretly in the bad place. Does that mean….oh no! Was Li’l Sebastian a bad horsey? Is it possible he was evil? Was Ben right all along!Oh, hold on, it’s more likely a naive Janet, acting on Michael’s orders, retrieved him from some sort of animal-afterlife, free range sanctuary, unaware of the reality situation. That means Li’l Sebastian was only a pawn(ee) in Michael’s deception.That’s a relief. It would be a big deal if Ron Swanson lost his eyebrows honoring a Li’l devil.What has been your favorite Parks and Rec Easter Egg on The Good Place? It would be a sin if you didn’t tell us in our comments below.

Featured Image: NBC