Legendary’s Netflix anime series Pacific Rim: The Black took the franchise to a whole new place. And we don’t just mean Australia, where the show takes place. But it’s not a version of the continent we know. In the future Kaiju have overrun the land. It’s a desolate wasteland of monsters almost entirely devoid of humans. Almost. Season one followed teenage siblings Taylor and Hayley as they desperately searched for their parents in an abandoned Jaeger. Now the trailer for the show’s second and final season reveals why their fight for survival will have them facing monsters both big and small alike. A deadly cult wants a child who can unite both humans and monsters.

If you’ve only ever seen the Pacific Rim movies and missed season one of Pacific Rim: The Black, watching this trailer must be what it was like for Rip Van Winkle when he woke up. What is happening!? Where did the big urban wars between giant robots and giant creatures go? That war gave way to a future where Kaiju rule. As do the Sisters, who will pose just as big a threat to our heroes as any leviathans.

Here’s the official season two synopsis from Netflix:

In the epic series conclusion of Pacific Rim: The Black (S2), the journey is far from over. Our brave siblings Taylor and Hayley still hope to reach the safety of Sydney aboard Atlas Destroyer, the scaled-down training Jaeger left behind when Australia was evacuated. With teenage assassin Mei and the mysterious human/kaiju hybrid bOy joining Taylor and Hayley, this makeshift family must cross a dangerous territory controlled by the bloodthirsty cult Sisters of the Kaiju. These zealots, led by the enigmatic High Priestess, are convinced that bOy is their long-awaited Messiah and will stop at nothing to indoctrinate him into their dark circle–something Hayley would sacrifice everything to prevent.
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Netflix/Legendary Television

We never looked at Kaiju and thought, “They need a magical cult to really make this interesting.” But clearly we were wrong. This season looks even more intense than the first. And with good reason. Great monsters, no matter their size, always make things more interesting.

Pacific Rim: The Black‘s second season will bring the series to a close when it premieres on Netflix on April 19.

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