Considering it made roughly 40 gazillion dollars at the box office, earned rave reviews from critics and viewers alike, and might very well garner multiple Oscar nominations next year, it’s hard to imagine Barbie could have been any better. But there’s at least one way to make it awesome in a different way: add a cat. That always improves any film or show. And if you doubt that, the latest video from the YouTube channel OwlKitty shows why. It edits a black cat into Barbie to serve as the true object of Ken’s affection.

Sorry Stereotypical Barbie, you had your chance. You are no longer Kenough for Barbieland’s lovesick blonde beacher. Not after OwlKitty finally gave Ken what he wanted in life and reciprocated his love.

Well, at least this cat (real name Lizzy) is willing to do that some of the time. Every furry feline owner knows you can never get your cat to appreciate you 100% of the time. Sometimes they just want to be left alone to nap. But this cat’s love is still a huge improvement over the lack of attention Ken got from Barbie in the film. Honestly, it’s a great solution for everyone.

Ken gets a cat in OwlKitty Barbie movie fan edit video

This video is the latest piece of fantastic internet silliness from a channel that has also re-imagined Top Gun: Maverick, Titanic, and Jurassic Park with a cat as the main star. And despite this new entry being so short, it touches on some of the best parts of the movie. From replacing Margot Robbie in the opening sequence to editing the cat into some of Ken’s best moments, this Barbie mashup is among the YouTube channel’s best. Especially since it seamlessly adds OwlKitty into one of 2023’s best movie moments, Ken’s big musical number “I’m Just Ken.”

I’m already on record as having an out-of-body experience the first time I saw that sequence. It is perfect in every way. Now it’s perfect in a second way, the only way anyone possibly could have improved Barbie. It now has a cat.