One Piece season two is starting to show signs of life, which means new cast announcements are on the horizon line. First up for the season, we have the casting of some One Piece season two villains. Yes, the Baroque Works Agents are arriving on the scene. These numbers/holidays-for-names villains are agents of a criminal syndicate in One Piece‘s world. Netflix revealed the new One Piece cast members in a Twitter post.

In some very exciting news, we learn that David Dastmalchian will play live-action One Piece‘s Mr. 3. Mr. 3 is a character who has taken a bite of the Wax Wax devil fruit and thus can control candle wax. Considering Mr. 3 was part of an earlier One Piece season two tease from Netflix, we feel his role may be significant in the next chapter of the live-action show, especially with this casting. We can’t wait to see what horror icon Dastmalchian will do with the role. There’s undoubtedly something terrifying about being able to control wax… after all, wax has long been an object of fascination in horror movies. Dastmalchian’s casting as Mr. 3 in One Piece season two is sure to bring a bit of campy terror to the table.

In addition to the announcement of Mr. 3, Jazzara Jaslyn will play Miss Valentine. Camrus Johnson joins the cast of Netfix’s live-action One Piece as Mr. 5. And finally, Daniel Lasker has come aboard as Mr. 9.

David Dastmalchian is cast as Mr. 3 in live-action netflix One Piece season two
Shudder/Toei Animation

Those who find the names a little funny will be interested to know that the Baroque Works Agents pair off in teams of men with numbers for names and women with holidays for names. That’s anime for you! We previously met a member of the Baroque Works team in season one. Zoro killed Mr. 7 early in the season. And no doubt, we’ll see much more from the criminal organization very soon.

We can’t wait to see who Netflix’s live-action One Piece season two casts next.