One Piece is a beloved manga that has entertained fans for decades. The manga was created by Eiichiro Oda in 1997 and follows a group of pirates called the Straw Hats, as they search for the famed treasure—the “One Piece”—left behind by the notorious King of the Pirates Gol D. Roger. They are led by their ultra positive and incredibly powerful leader Luffy. 

The manga has been incredibly successful, as Oda continues to develop new volumes. In 1999, the manga received the anime treatment, with over a thousand episodes out and counting. Due to its longstanding presence in anime, One Piece has tons of characters, but not all of them made the cut for the live-action adaptation that’s around the corner. So, here’s a guide to the main characters to watch out for Netflix’s upcoming live-action series

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The Straw Hats Character Crew in the One Piece Live-Action Series

Monkey D. Luffy

Split image of animated and live action Moneky Luffy for Netflix One Piece
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The central protagonist of this anime, Luffy is without a doubt the spirit of One Piece. He dons a straw hat, of which his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, get their name. Luffy has a huge appetite that matches the size of his heart. The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates also packs a punch thanks to eating the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit, essentially turning his body into rubber. While Luffy is incredibly light-hearted, don’t mess with his friends, or stand in the way of his dream of becoming King of the Pirates. Trust us, you’ll regret it.  

Played by: Iñaki Godoy


Viz Media/Casey Crafford/Netflix

The skilled navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami is as charming as she is shrewd. While her navigation abilities drive her interest in drawing a map of the world, Nami has plenty of tricks up her sleeve, including being a talented thief who’s proficient in fighting with a staff. Money is on her mind and so is luxury, but she will protect her crew, no matter the cost. But then again, not everything about Nami meets the eye.  

Played by: Emily Rudd

Roronoa Zoro 

Viz Media/Joe Alblas/Netflix

The first mate of the Straw Hat Pirates, Zoro is a man of few words and many swords. Well, this bounty hunter knows his way around a blade and carries three of them. Gruff, headstrong, and sporting a horrible sense of direction, Zoro plans to become a master swordsman, if he doesn’t get lost at sea first. This green-haired fighter is known to throw back a few (or several drinks) and loves a good brawl. His loyalty to his crew, especially to Luffy, is unmatched, as is his sword prowess. 

Played by: Mackenyu Arata


Viz Media/Casey Crafford/Netflix

Usopp is the Straw Hat Pirates’ sniper of the crew, but if he tells you his role, he’ll say it’s Captain. Known for his vivid storytelling and tall-tales, he can be just as lively as Luffy, but his courage is far from his captain’s. Usopp is known to run away in the middle of battle, but if you let him recount the events that transpired, he’ll claim he saved the entire crew. Still, Usopp dreams of becoming a brave warrior of the seas. 

Played by: Jacob Romero 


Viz Media/Casey Crafford/Netflix

The Straw Hat Pirates’ resident chef, Sanji trained under the master chef and former pirate Zeff aboard the Baratie, a floating restaurant. His dishes are as delicious as his kicks are deadly. His goal is to find the All Blue, a part where the East, West, North, and South Blues meet and is filled rich with wildlife perfect for his cuisine. But his infatuation with women, specifically Nami, might take reaching that goal a little longer. 

Played by: Taz Skylar

The Marines Characters in the One Piece Live-Action Series


Viz Media

A member of Alvida’s pirate crew, Koby is timid, reserved, and meek. When he meets a stowaway Luffy on Alvida’s ship, the young pirate lights a fire under the bespectacled, pink-haired youth. While Luffy plans to become King of the Pirates, Koby wants to follow his dream of becoming a Marine, but it might put him in direct opposition of his newfound friend. 

Played by: Morgan Davies


Viz Media/Joe Alblas/Netflix

Spoiled, entitled, and bratty, a lot of Helmeppo’s snot-nosed attitude comes from him hiding behind the authority of his father, Captain “Axe-Hand” Morgan. Not to mention, he’s quick to exploit his father’s ranking for his own gain. While he brandishes a sword, he’d rather use his privilege to intimidate pirates, and his fellow Marines to get what he wants.  

Played by: Aidan Scott

Captain “Axe-Hand” Morgan

Viz Media

The first main Marine captain to appear in One Piece, Captain “Axe-Hand” Morgan is also one of the first antagonists to show up as well. As his nickname alludes, Captain Morgan is known for wielding an axe for a right arm. He also sports a jawline that could kill, literally, since it’s made of metal. The father of Marine officer Helmeppo, the two share blonde hair and a penchant for abusing their positions of power.  

Played by: Langley Kirkwood

Vice-Admiral Garp

Viz Media/Netflix

The character known as Vice-Admiral Garp is the quintessential Marine in One Piece. He’s known across the seas for his fighting ability and has famously placed many pirates behind bars. Garp plans to bring order to the chaotic seas that pirates explore. 

Played by: Vincent Regan

The Villains of One Piece


Viz Media/Netflix

What do you get when you mix a murderous pirate with the personality of a narcissistic show clown? Buggy. This nefarious pirate loves to be center stage and as the captain of his band of circus performer pirates, he places himself front and center. But he has plenty of power to keep him there as he is the wielder of the Chop-Chop Devil Fruit, which allows him to split his body apart and telekinetically control each piece. 

Played by: Jeff Ward


Viz Media/Netflix

In One Piece, you’ll notice that the fantastical is possible and so is the existence of fish-men like Arlong. Arlong is as ruthless as he is powerful.The sawshark fish-man is the leader of the Arlong Pirates who are known to pillage and plunder the seas. Friend nor foe will ever want to get on his bad side. 

Played by: McKinley Belcher III


Viz Media/Netflix

Alvida is a no-nonsense pirate captain who’s used to getting her way by force. Koby can attest. She terrorizes her crew as much as she terrorizes the seas. 

Played by: Ilia Isorelys Paulino 

Other Supporting Characters in the One Piece Universe 


Viz Media/ Joe Alblas/Netflix

Shanks is a carefree pirate who Luffy looks up to immensely. As a child, Luffy would follow Shanks and his crew around while they were stationed in his village. Luffy tagging along never bothered the red-headed pirate, as he’s also quite fond of Luffy. 

Played by: Peter Gaidot

Dracule Mihawk

Viz Media/Casey Crafford/Netflix

The mysterious, hawk-eyed Mihawk is revered as a warlord of the seas. He’s an expert sword fighter who’s respected by pirates and Marines alike. 

Played by: Steven Ward


Viz Media

Kaya is a rich heiress who is also Usopp’s friend. Unfortunately, she was stricken with a mysterious illness that keeps her home bound. While Klahadore keeps her alive with a special tea, Usopp’s stories give her hope and joy.

Played by: Celeste Loots


Viz Media

Meticulous, poised, and pompous, Klahadore is Kaya’s loyal servant. He’s always by her side, whether to administer her medicine, run her affairs, or dismiss people he perceives as problems, like Usopp. Still, something doesn’t sit right with this steely right-hand man. 

Played by: Alexander Maniatas


Viz Media

A former pirate-turned-chef, Zeff is the owner of the floating restaurant Baratie. He expects nothing, but the best from his team of chefs, including Sanji. He’s a little rough around the edges, but his dishes are completely polished.

Played by: Craig Fairbrass

Originally published on August 22, 2023.