As of yet, we know very little about Jordan Peele’s new movie. Prior to this latest announcement, in fact, all we really knew was that Steven Yeun was in talks to star. (Which was enough at least to garner a delighted “Oh!”) Though we remain thoroughly in the dark about most everything regarding the movie, we now at least have a title. And a release date. Plus, a couple more stars. And maybe a genre, though I wouldn’t go putting down money on anything.

On Thursday, Peele himself tweeted out a poster advertising his forthcoming film, formally titled Nope. This follows in step with the brevity of his last two titles, Get Out and Us. Now, the poster describes Nope as “a new terror from the mind of Academy Award winner Jordan Peele.” But even if Nope is another horror feature for the director, the title couriers a somewhat more humorous flavor. (What funnier reaction is there to bouts of terror and mayhem than a succinct, “Nope!”?)

An ominous cloud hovers above a city on the poster for Nope.


The poster also clues us into Yeun’s costars in the film. We have Daniel Kaluuya, who of course headlined Peele’s Get Out. And we have Keke Palmer, who has dealt in horror before in the likes of Scream Queens and the Scream TV series.

As for the plot, all we have at present to go by is the image depicted above. And if it screams anything, it screams aliens. What else do you make of a dark cloud with a long, colorful, kite-like tail, hovering above a small town? Maybe a monstrous meteorological formation that feasts on human flesh? Or a swarm of insects plaguing the skies, waiting to make mankind its victim? Look, we can’t count anything out here. And maybe it’s better that we stop thinking about it for now, so we can get some sleep tonight.

Per the poster, the film release on July 22, 2022—exactly one year out from its formal announcement today. Kind of ominous, don’t you think?

Featured Image: Universal