I love movie trailers so much that Nothing But Trailers, a show which quite literally shows nothing but movie trailers, is one of my favorites on TV. Good, bad, recut, modern, hilarious, serious, fake, everything in-between? It doesn’t matter, I am obsessed with trailers. And I especially love when one of them surprises me with a twist I could never, ever, ever see coming. Trailers like the one for No Way Up. It’s an upcoming horror movie with a premise that combines an airplane crash survival film with a…. no. No, it’s best if you find out for yourself what else happens.

We officially have an early contender for 2025’s Best Picture. No Way Up starts with a terrifying plane crash that strands a small group of survivors at the bottom of the ocean. It’s a nightmare concept (and far too timely for our liking). Only, this isn’t Alive meets The Abyss. It’s Alive meets Jaws in The Abyss while the crew watches Snakes on a Plane.

Here’s the official synopsis from RLJE Films, one of the production companies behind this beautiful absurdity.

Ava is hoping for a peaceful getaway with friends in the resort town of Cabo, Mexico. But when the plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean and comes to rest on the edge of an underwater ravine, Ava and a handful of survivors are trapped in the airlocked cabin. Against the odds, Ava must fend for herself, contend with bloodthirsty sharks, and find the courage to step up and lead the crash survivors to safety.

A woman, child, and old woman all look shocked and scared with others behind them in No Way Up
Altitude Films/RLJE Films

While I am forever grateful for the joy I experienced watching that trailer for the first (and 50th) time, there’s part of me that wishes I only saw this other teaser for the film. It only hints at the ridiculous shark element of the story.

Imagine what it will be like for those who go into the movie completely unaware of what awaits them.

No Way Up comes from director Claudio Fäh, with a script from Andy Mayson. It stars Phyllis Logan, Colm Meaney, Sophie McIntosh, Will Attenborough, Jeremias Amoore, Manuel Pacific, and Grace Nettle. It is “coming soon.”

As much as I want to see it I can wait. I can get by on nothing but watching this one trailer.