A new theme park is coming to the Universal Orlando Resort, and it’s bringing with it some epic new adventures. Well, we sure hope so, anyway, because it’s called Universal Epic Universe. With a name like that, it better be good! Among other lands, the new Universal theme park will spotlight the universes of How to Train Your Dragon, Nintendo, and the Universal Monsters. Okay, we admit it: Universal Epic Universe basically sold us with its introduction of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein into our lives. We’re pretty sure she’ll be amazing. Here’s a breakdown of what we can expect from this new Universal theme park.

Universal’s New Theme Park Worlds Include Super Nintendo World and How to Train Your Dragon Isle

Super Mario Nintendo World and How to Train Your Dragon Isle of Berk from Universal Epic Universe
Universal Orlando Resort

Here’s what Universal had to share about some of its new Universal Epic Universe destinations:

  • Celestial Park: With acres of rolling gardens, chasing waterways and strolling pathways, Celestial Park puts the “park” back in “theme park.” As soon as guests enter the imaginative world, they’ll embark on a journey of discovery, thrills and excitement as they wander through lush living gardens nestled along shimmering waters surrounded by stunning architecture inspired by astronomical and mythological elements. Here, guests can relax while taking in the sights and sounds around them, board a shooting comet for an exhilarating roller coaster adventure, dine on delectable cuisine, shop exclusive merchandise to commemorate their visit and more.
  • Super Nintendo World: At Super Nintendo World, you’ll experience a new way to play, from challenging Bowser on the Mario Kart ride to venturing through Donkey Kong Country and so much more.
  • How to Train Your Dragon’s Isle of Berk: Take to the skies and soar with dragons as you explore the colorful Viking village at the heart of Berk. Take part in wild boat battles, feast like a Viking, and more.
  • Dark Universe: From the experiments of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein to a shadowy landscape where monsters roam, Dark Universe is a world of myth and mystery.
  • A fifth area themed around Harry Potter.

Celestial Park has definitely piqued our interest. Putting the park back into theme park is certainly an interesting way to go. And this idea could lead to beautiful results. It’s also not based on a known IP, so there’s lots of room to adventure and grow… And almost no expectations. But that’s not to say we don’t love a familiar world. We can’t wait to “feast like a Viking” and pal around with dragons. We also would never say no to a real live Mario Kart ride. It’s a good time for both these properties to take center stage, too. The Super Mario Bros. Movie released to much love, and How to Train Your Dragon will soon leap into live-action.

In total, the new Universal theme park will feature “50 awe-inspiring attraction, entertainment, dining and shopping experiences that come together to create an unforgettable adventure that is nothing short of epic.”

More About Universal Epic Universe’s Innovations and Offerings

Universal Orlando Resort

Most of the Universal Epic Universe park assets are still in concept form. But we’re excited to see what will emerge from fantasy into our reality. According to The Hollywood Reporter, CEO of Universal Destinations & Experiences Mark Woodbury recently described Universal Epic Universe as “The most technologically advanced park we’ve ever done. And that speaks to both the attractions themselves, the next generation of robotics drone technology, all the way through to the guest experience. The full guest journey is really being taken to a whole new level.”

Excitingly, there will even be a hotel located inside the park. A release shares, “located inside Epic Universe at the end of Celestial Park is Universal Helios Grand Hotel, designed to transport guests to a world where the heavens and earth unite – complete with 500 rooms, one-of-a-kind views and its very own dedicated entrance into the theme park.” We know there will be theme park lovers out there who are already in line for this experience.

Universal Epic Universe is set to open in 2025.