Not only does Pixar consistently make some of the best, most beloved animated feature films, they also start every movie with an incredible short, the kind that get nominated for Oscars. We look forward to watching those tiny bits of goodness as much as we do their full films. Now Pixar is ready to give us a whole lot more of their little movies with their Pixar’s SparkShorts program. The debut film isn’t just great, it’s a real yarn. Literally.

Purl (which we found  at EW), is the first film from the program, which is “designed to discover new storytellers, explore new storytelling techniques, and experiment with new production workflows” from Pixar employees. The short follows a friendly pink ball of yarn who realizes she’s very different from her new co-workers.

“An earnest ball of yarn named Purl gets a job at a fast-paced, high energy, male centric start-up. Things start to unravel as she tries to fit in with this close knit group. Purl must ask herself how far is she willing to go to get the acceptance she yearns for and in the end is it worth it?”

[mpx_video type=”editorial” guid=”42962f25c518bdb30a25c2c27de012e8685c028b”]

SparkShorts might be a new program, but that’s classic Pixar. Young audiences might not get all of the jokes, but it’s still an easy story to follow, with a lovable main character and a great message. And there are still enough insights and biting gags that this feels like a short made for grownups.

Purl‘s writer and director Kristen Lester says that the inspiration for the short came from her own professional experiences trying to fit in at an all male office, something producer Gillian Libbert-Duncan said she was all too familiar with.

There are at least five more SparkShorts films on tap, but it’s not clear whether we will get any more before the debut of the Disney+ streaming service later this year. It doesn’t matter where they are released though, because we’ll find them.

Featured Image: Disney Pixar