It’s never a bad time to be a fan of the Percy Jackson books. However, it certainly is an auspicious time to be a fan these days. The Disney+ Percy Jackson and the Olympians series finally debuted, and it has perfectly captured the spirit of the books, much to the delight of fans. Additionally, the first new Percy Jackson story in 14 years arrived in the world in September. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Chalice of the Gods has undoubtedly been flying off shelves. Author Rick Riordan held an event to launch the book, and he revealed some huge news to fans attending the event. The author unveiled another brand-new Percy Jackson book! Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Wrath of the Triple Goddess arrives in September 2024. And now, we finally have a good look at its cover and more exciting news. Pre-orders for the new Percy Jackson book are officially open.

New Percy Jackson book cover for Wrath of the Triple Goddess

You can also take a look at the UK version of the Wrath of the Triple Goddess cover below. The US cover art was done by Victo Ngai and the UK cover was done by Khadijah Khatib. Both artists created incredible designs that really draw us in and get us excited about the newest Percy Jackson outing.


Though there’s no official word on how many more Percy Jackson books we’ll get, it seems likely Riordan may publish a complete trilogy about this phase of Percy’s life. Chalice of the Gods sees Percy preparing to head to college. That’s not a simple change for a regular human, much less a demigod. And let’s be real. Percy’s been busy with the gods. His school record is not impeccable. Wrath of the Triple Goddess, which will be the seventh book in the Percy Jackson series. It will follow Percy as he continues his quests for college recommendation letters.

Two things we do know about Wrath of the Triple Goddess thanks to fans at the initial launch event: it will feature Hecate and also Mrs. O’Leary. Mrs. O’ Leary is Percy’s pet hellhound and a very good dog. Riordan also shared more about the story with The Hollywood Reporter. He teased, “It takes place around Halloween, which seemed appropriate to me for Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft and wizardry, who is our primary goddess in this volume… Basically, Percy and the gang have to house sit at Hecate’s house and [take care of] her pets while she is out of town enjoying Halloween. Things obviously take a wrong turn, and then they have to figure out how to fix things.” Well, it wouldn’t be a very good adventure if everything went right. Additionally, you can dive even deeper into the new Percy Jackson book with a blog post from the author.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Wrath of the Triple Goddess will be out on September 24, 2024. It’s now officially available to pre-order.

Originally published on September 27, 2023.