If Jurassic Park has taught us anything over 30 years, it’s that you can’t keep prehistoric monsters down. No, seriously, don’t even try it never works. That’s also true in a very different way of big-time, money-making movie franchises. So it’s only fitting a new report says Universal has plans for another Jurassic World movie. But while the sixth film in the series brought back the original movie’s stars, the seventh is bringing back its original screenwriter. David Koepp, who penned both the scripts for the 1993 classic that brought dinosaurs to life and its 1997 followup Jurassic Park: The Lost World, is already working on the next new installment in the Jurassic World universe. In addition, the new Jurassic World movie has set its release date. Reports also indicate that it will be a universe reboot.

Jurassic World Dominion cast
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Most recently, this new Jurassic World movie confirmed its release date will be July 2, 2025.

Additionally, reports say that the film will be a reboot of the franchise. Before this latest batch of information, The Hollywood Reporter shared that Universal Pictures is “deep” in development on another dinosaur film. Koepp, the person responsible for writing Jurassic Park‘s two best scripts, is writing the new movie. The apparently top-secret project is reportedly far enough along in the process that Universal likes the current script’s “shape.” Recently, we learned David Leitch, who was set to direct, will not be moving ahead with the film. Instead, Rogue One‘s Gareth Edwards is now slated to direct the new Jurassic World movie. We have to say, it feels like Edwards would do an excellent job. The movie is also set to begin filming this year.

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Casting news for the new Jurassic World movie is also starting to emerge. Deadline reports that Scarlett Johansson is in serious talks to star in the upcoming film.

As for the plot, no specifics are known yet about this new Jurassic World movie. Only that the film will explore a “new” Jurassic era and a new story. This installment will almost certainly launch a whole new trilogy. We’d also bet the film will start with a new title. (Our official prediction is Jurassic Planet.)

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Koepp isn’t the only veteran returning. Jurassic World trilogy producer Frank Marshall is also back for more prehistoric fun. As is series alum Patrick Crowley. And Steven Spielberg, who directed Koepp’s two previous scripts, will also serve as an executive producer on this new Jurassic World movie via his Amblin Entertainment.

And, no matter the story, if the movie is a big enough success, we expect some old stars to come back for later installments, too. Just like dinosaurs and this franchise, they always do.

Originally published on January 22, 2024.