Fans of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books were recently delighted by the live-action series adaptation created by Disney+. The live-action Percy Jackson garnered much fan approval, critical acclaim, and even a season two renewal. But unfortunately, adaptations of other books in the Percy Jackson world just received less welcome news. Netflix has elected not to move ahead with adapting Rick Riordan’s Kane Chronicles into a trilogy of movies. Here’s what we know.

The Kane chronicles book covers
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Speaking to a fan on Goodreads, in a now-deleted post, Riordan revealed the news. Variety recorded his reply and notes that it read, “Right now, Kane Chronicles is in ‘turnaround,’ which means Netflix has decided not to move forward and their option has lapsed after trying for two years to develop a script they liked. Now it depends on whether another studio would like to step in, assume the preproduction costs, and move forward.”

He added, “This is not at all unusual. It happens, I would guess, with the majority of film projects. Also, the streaming industry as a whole is shrinking their development slate right now, meaning they are cancelling more content and making less content. Kane got caught in that trend, despite the strong success of Percy TV.”


While the lack of present forward motion for The Kane Chronicles movies is disappointing, perhaps, given that the novels are a part of Percy Jackson‘s universe, we might see some interest from Disney. These stories would expand the world of the current live-action show, after all. The Kane Chronicles contain three books, “The Red Pyramid,” “The Throne of Fire,” and “The Serpent’s Shadow.” They follow Carter and Sadie Kane, who are descendants of Egyptian pharaohs Narmer and Ramses the Great. In them, Carter and Sadie meet gods from Egyptian mythology during modern times.

Egyptian mythology has always been a fan-favorite area of exploration. So, we have our fingers crossed that Rick Riordan’s The Kane Chronicles stories find their way onto our screens in some form.