For a long time, fans have wondered whether Netflix’s Marvel shows are canon to the MCU’s universe, especially as actors reprised their Netflix roles in the MCU. Now, it feels like we finally have an answer. At least, Marvel Studios has passed judgment on the characters of Daredevil and Kingpin. In the latest trailer for Echo, Marvel Studios seems to confirm Netflix’s Daredevil series is canon to the MCU’s timeline. The teaser includes footage from Netflix’s Daredevil alongside the MCU-proper series Hawkeye. And both flashbacks come together to tease Marvel’s newest adventures in Echo.

Additionally, in a recent interview, one of Echo‘s executive producers, Richie Palmer, discussed the presence of Daredevil in the MCU series. He noted to io9, “I don’t want to step on [Daredevil: Born Again’s] toes, but it was all thought out to make sure that fans of the Netflix series could still enjoy this series. We’re all fans of the Netflix series and all of the series that came about from that time, too. And we wanted to honor it and make sure that, you know, fans felt like that was a part of this story, but not in any way that you needed to know that stuff. So we just wanted to make sure that it honored what came before it, but hopefully pushed it forward also and continues to push forward on the new Daredevil show.”

Echo Daredevil
Marvel Studios

Executive producer Brad Winderbaum additionally revealed how Netflix’s Daredevil fits into the MCU series. He spoke very plainly, noting:

I can say that up until this point, we’ve been a little bit cagey about what’s Sacred Timeline, what’s not Sacred Timeline. That was born of, frankly, a period at the studio where we were like, ‘We have to stick the landing with the vendors.’ It was another part of the company developing the Netflix stuff. We were aware of what they were doing, they were aware of what we were doing, but there was a lot to balance anyway… But now that some time has passed; now that we see actually how well integrated the stories are, I think that I personally, Brad Winderbaum, would be confident in saying it is part of the Sacred Timeline.

Winderbaum does say he is speaking only for himself. But it seems like all the pieces are adding up to back his words. And the fallout of it all is that, yes, Netflix’s Daredevil is a part of the MCU’s timeline.

Netflix/Marvel Studios

This should spell good news for long-time fans of the Netflix Daredevil series. That’s particularly true given that the most recent MCU appearance of Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in She-Hulk was a bit of a departure from the older version. As for the rest of the Netflix series? Well, it seems like they’ll join Daredevil as a part of the MCU’s canon. Recently, the Defenders shows were integrated into the MCU’s official timeline on Disney+. Daredevil and the rest of the Marvel Netflix offerings are now officially part of the canon.