Basically every Avatar: The Last Airbender fan feels excited for the moment when Toph Beifong comes to live-action in season two of the Netflix series. Ever since Netflix announced the live-action series, conversation about who should play Toph has circulated. While everyone might have their own individual fan-casts, Netflix is widening the search. In an exciting move, Netflix has put out an open casting call for individuals who might be good matches to play live-action Toph on Avatar: The Last Airbender season two.

The Toph casting call notes that the character is “mid-late teens, blind, female, and Asian.” It adds that Toph “is sassy, confident, and unfiltered. For most of her life, her strength and formidable earthbending skills have been suppressed, but now, on the run as the Avatar’s earthbending master, she is uninhibited to become the fierce warrior she believes she is inside. Dance and/or martial arts experience a plus.”

avatar the last airbender toph casting

In bold, the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender Toph casting call emphasizes, “Actors who are blind or low vision are encouraged to submit.” Indeed, it would be amazing if Netflix cast a blind or low-vision actor in the role. We applaud the streamer’s efforts to cast live-action Toph inclusively and authentically.

If you would like to submit yourself to the Toph casting call, “Please email with a recent picture, resume or a one-paragraph bio, along with your name and phone number. Please feel free to share any lived experience with blindness/low vision if you are comfortable doing so.”

We can’t wait to learn who will play Toph when Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender returns for season two.