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Nerf Revolutionizes Blaster Play By Improving Accuracy

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Nerf battles are a great way to have a blast with your friends and get a bit of a workout while you’re at it. For some players, raining a flurry of foam dart fury can be immensely gratifying. For others like me, we enjoy the satisfaction of a single, perfectly placed shot. However, if you enjoy playing a sniper, you might’ve found Nerf guns to disappoint more often than not. Why? The lack of accuracy. Part of it comes from design, and part of it is plain old physics. Because the darts don’t fly very fast, gravity takes its toll. Outside? There’s that pesky wind. Nerf’s Rival line helped to compensate by increasing the speed at which the darts–or in this case foam balls–travel.

Now Nerf is taking two new approaches to improving accuracy. First, it’s releasing a new dart design:


According to Gizmodo, Hasbro spent two years improving the weight, balance, and airflow of the dart to improve its aerodynamics. The new corkscrew design causes the dart to spin, much like a bullet or a properly-thrown football. Will these be compatible with other Nerf guns? Yes. They can be used in any existing blaster that uses Elite darts. So not the Rival or Mega lines. Although, if they ever make them in Mega size, I will throw my entire next paycheck at Hasbro.

The second approach to improving accuracy is by releasing four new blasters for Spring 2017. These models give you better accuracy, but at the cost of ammo capacity. These models only hold 1-5 shots at a time. No spray-n-pray strategies here.

accustrike-alphahawkAccustrike Alphahawk: Five-shot drum with slide-loading mechanism, $30

accustrike-falconfireAccustrike Falconfire: Single shot plus two-dart storage, $15

rebelle-truepointRebelle Truepoint Blaster: One-shot capacity with red light sight, $10

rebelle-focusfireRebelle Focusfire Crossbow: Five-shot capacity drum with auto-reload, $20

My friends better watch out next spring when these hit store shelves. We do have a Hunger Games-style match that we play. Just call me Courtniss Everdeen. Pew!

What’s your Nerf play style? Do you rely on the quality of the shot or the quantity of darts you can fire in five seconds? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Image credits: Hasbro (via Gizmodo)

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