NERDIST AFTER | MARVEL’S CLOAK AND DAGGER Explores the Magic of New Orleans

Every week Nerdist is proud to bring you the aftershow for Freeform’s Marvel’s Cloak and DaggerNerdist After. Join hosts Hector Navarro and Aliza Pearl after a new episode airs each week for answers to your questions, Easter eggs you might have missed, interviews with the show’s cast and crew you won’t find anywhere else, and much, much more.

This week actress Emma Lahana, who plays Detective Brigid O’Reilly, stops by to chat with Hector and Aliza, along with showrunner and executive producer Joe Pokaski.

Hector, Aliza, and Nerdist Editor-in-Chief Rachel Heine kick off the aftershow by running down the highlights of the third episode, “Stained Glass,” from the literal and figurative magic of New Orleans to Tandy and Tyrone’s budding relationship. Olivia Holt shares thoughts on the Big Easy, and Pokaski reveals what steps the writers and crew of the show took to represent both the city and the practice of voodoo properly.

One Thing to Watch For

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Each week, the cast and crew of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger reveal hidden details, comic book influences, and Easter eggs that you might miss if you don’t watch Nerdist After | Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger. This week, Pokaski unlocks a shadowy, secret detail from the third episode that makes the hosts gasp in surprise. Joe will be back week after week to highlight one thing to watch for in each episode, so stay tuned!

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