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Stop Touching Surface Germs With This $25 Multi-Tool

With another COVID-19 variant making its way around the world, it looks like we’ll continue to keep our distance. We will have to keep washing our hands until they’re red and cracking, especially when you consider how easily germs spread. If your hands are getting dried out from repeated applications of hand sanitizer throughout the day, you should consider investing in a tool that can keep your hands from touching surfaces. You won’t need to invest much when you take advantage of this limited-time offer through Nerdist, which drops the price of the SafeTul down to just $24.99

Stop Touching Surface Germs With This $25 Multi-Tool_1

SafeTul is the most advanced copper hand tool in the world. Its multifaceted design is packed with four major functions: Use it as a door opener, a button pusher, a stylus, and a bottle opener. With this tool’s versatility, you’ll be able to significantly decrease the number of contaminated public surfaces that you touch.

The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry. You can even connect it to your keychain, so you’ll never forget it while out in public. Then again, if you have a pet that likes to rub its rear end against everything in your house, like this cat, then perhaps you should keep one at home too. 

The spring-loaded function makes it easy to access the button pusher and stylus without any bulk. SafeTul also retracts the tip that touches the contaminated surface, so the germs won’t spread in your pocket or purse. Since the entire tool is made of antimicrobial copper, it’s much more difficult for bacteria and viruses to live on the surface, providing users with some additional peace of mind.

SafeTul comes with a manufacturer’s one-year warranty. And if you order yours today, you can benefit from savings through Nerdist that bring the price of the Safetul: 3-in-1 Copper Alloy Multi-Tool down to just $24.99. At that price, you can buy enough to protect each member of your household. 

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