Few things bring up childhood nostalgia for summers gone by more than the memory of the ice cream truck. Most of us remember those hot days playing outside with our neighborhood friends and immediately going into a frenzy upon hearing the jingle signifying approaching frozen treats. Well, this summer, PepsiCo is bringing some of that retro ice cream truck energy back. All thanks to a new flavor of MTN Dew, called MTN Dew Summer Freeze. The taste of Summer Freeze will mimic that of the striped ice cream popsicle of your youth. You can read the official description right here:

Nothing screams summer like everyone’s favorite iced cold treat: a classic red, white, and blue ice pop. To tap into this nostalgia, MTN DEW is combining its iconic citrus flavor with bold notes of cherry, lemon, and raspberry ice pop flavor to roll out the ultimate taste of summer: introducing the first-ever MTN DEW Summer Freeze! With a blast of summer in every sip, this taste will take you back to fond memories of running to the ice cream truck and is even more refreshing than a summer ice pop itself. DEW Nation can get their hands on this all-new flavor on shelves nationwide beginning this month and through the summer while supplies last. This new flavor will be available in both original and zero-sugar offerings, and can be purchased in 20 oz. Bottles, 12 oz. 12-pack cans, and 16.9 oz. 6-pack bottles (regular only).

MTN Dew's new Summer Crush Popsicle flavor, MTN Dew Summer Freeze

MTN Dew Summer Freeze is a limited-time-only beverage. So you might want to get your hands on them as soon as you see them at the grocery store. Unfortunately, these do not come with the whimsical (and also super creepy?) sounds of the ice cream truck. You are just going to have to provide that on your own. Luckily, you can find such things easily online easily these days. We live in an age of wonders.