The Boys‘ creator, Eric Kripke, recently revealed that season five of The Boys would be its final one. But even though the story of The Boys‘ main series will end, that certainly doesn’t mean the franchise is going anywhere. On the heels of announcing The Boys was ending, Eric Kripke shared that he was hopeful more spinoffs will arrive to continue the legacy of The Boys.

The Boys Homelander
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Here’s what Kripke said about The Boys‘ future, more spinoffs, and Gen V:

This story of The Boys will not continue on. With any luck, Gen V will continue on, there will be hopefully a couple others in development that we’re talking about that can continue on, but The Boys story ends in season 5.

We’re glad to hear the Gen V spinoff isn’t going anywhere, even if the main The Boys series won’t accompany it anymore. And it’ll be fascinating to see what other kinds of spinoffs Kripke might cook up for the franchise. In the meantime, we’ll enjoy the time we have left with the original version and get ready for The Boys season four.