Years ago when Sam Raimi planned his third Spider-Man movie, rumors persisted that he wanted to include the little-known Spidey villain, Morbius. It never came to pass; the studio wanted Peter to face off against Venom and some other more well known foes. Decades later, Morbius is finally headed to the big screen in his own movie. It definitely looks… like it was made by the studio who made Venom!!

The biggest reveal here is that this movie is definitely connected to the Sony Spider-Man movies which means it’s maybe connected to the MCU? Who knows, we’ll talk more about that later, anyway, the film looks like it will generally follow the same arc as the comics with Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) attempting to find a cure for his terrible ailment and getting powers on the way. Yes, it does sound a lot like Doctor Strange and in the pages of the book Gil Kane’s strange and haunting art made it stand apart from Steve Ditko’s psychedelic adventure, but with the gritty aesthetic of both of these films you don’t get that separation, plus this does look like Sony trying to do some kind of horror superhero film so the similarities are definitely there.

If you’ve ever wanted Aquaman-inspired sexy man bun Morbius (what is wrong with you?) you’ll be incredibly happy. At least we have Chernobyl’s Jared Harris to distract us as Michael’s mentor. The film also stars the brilliant Adria Arjona who you might have seen in Good Omens.

Jared Leto walks past a still from the spider-man videogame which they for some reason put on a wall in this terrible looking film, Morbius


Looks like Sony wasn’t afraid to connect to their video game universe either; note this image from the Spider-Man game that they stuck to the wall and wrote murderer over. That’s not only very questionable but also important as it means that Morbius takes place directly after Far From Home which saw Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio set up Peter Parker for his own death and crimes against humanity. This trailer seems to imply that the film will skip Morbius’ villain phase and send him straight to being an anti-hero, ala Venom. Maybe we’ll see Michael in the next Spider-Man movie trying to take down Peter? Though we can’t image that Kevin Feige would be very happy about that…

It’ll be interesting to see where this one goes as most fans didn’t think it would actually end up happening. But here is a trailer that means the movie will likely see the light of day on its expected release date, July 31, 2020. From what we’ve seen here it seems like they’re going for the Venom style of so weird and bad that maybe it is hilarious, and why not? After all it made them 800 million dollars last time! The fact that this film connects to the MCU (check out that random Michael Keaton cameo at the end of the trailer) will inspire a lot of think pieces and questions before the day is done. So keep your eyes peeled, get your best Hot Topic outfit on, and get ready to take it back to the mid-’00s with this barely believable movie.

Header Image: Sony