What is a villain without a loyal steed? Skeletor wouldn’t be the same without Panthor. The massive purple panther takes his master into battle and also lounges menacingly by Skeletor’s throne. Mondo, who kicked off their Masters of the Universe collection in 2018, is finally adding Panthor to the line-up. Nerdist can exclusively reveal the first look at Mondo’s 1/6 scale Panthor figure. We love this very good kitty.

Mondor's Panthor figure, armed for battle, against a purple background

Panthor is 18 inches long and has over 60 points of articulation. It will be available to purchase as a timed edition. The same team who worked on Mondo’s Battle Cat figure brought their A-game to Skeletor’s buddy. The crew included concept designer Emiliano Santalucia, sculptors Tommy Hodges and Matthew Black, painter Mark Bristow, official MOTU packaging artist Florian Bertmer, and photographer Raúl Barrero. They all worked to make this Panthor collectible look lethal and gorgeous.

The 1/6 scale Panthor comes with:

  • Helmetless Swappable Head
  • Horned Helmet Swappable Head
  • Battle Fanged Helmet Swappable Head
  • Classic Panthor Swappable Head
  • Fully Removable Body and Leg Armor

If you want an even closer look at Mondo’s Panthor figure, you’re in luck. Mondo’s Senior Creative Directors will be hosting a live stream delving into the collectible on Monday, November 13, at 5:30 PM PT/8:30 PM ET. Tune in to get, if possible, more excited about this amazing Masters of the Universe figure.

The Panthor timed edition will be available between 12:00pm CT on Tuesday, November 14 and 11:59pm CT on Friday, November 24. Mondo will be shipping them in two waves in November on a first come, first shipped basis. And yes, Mondo will be releasing a Skeletor Regular figure alongside the beast. Get your Panthor directly from Mondo for $499. Panthor is limited to three figures per household.