Misty Knight and Colleen Wing Kick All the Butt in New LUKE CAGE Clip

Later this month, the second season of Luke Cage will bring Mike Colter‘s title character back to Harlem as a free man. But Luke’s not the only hero hanging out this season. Jessica Henwick‘s Colleen Wing is coming over from the Iron Fist series, and she’ll be striking up a friendship with Misty Knight (Simone Missick). The new duo met during The Defenders miniseries, where Misty’s right arm was severed during a fight with the Hand. In a new clip from Luke Cage season two, Colleen offers a little tough love for Misty by letting her rediscover her inner badass during a bar fight.

There’s a great moment early in this scene when Misty briefly forgets she lost her arm and turns to Colleen to see if she’ll help her. Colleen’s casual and non-verbal response was perfect, as she let Misty handle herself until the odds got too lopsided. Once Colleen entered the fight, the outcome was a forgone conclusion.

If it seems like Misty and Colleen make a great team, it’s because they’re destined to become one. In the comics, they’re known as the Daughters of the Dragon.

Misty Knight and Colleen Wing Kick All the Butt in New LUKE CAGE Clip_1

Jessica Jones may have the superpowered P.I. market covered, but Misty and Colleen have been making it as private investigators without powers since the ’70s. They’ve even headlined their own Heroes for Hire series. If Marvel and Netflix are looking to make a Daughters of the Dragon or Heroes for Hire spinoff, this clip illustrates why it’s a fantastic idea.

Luke Cage season 2 will drop on June 22.

What did you think about the new preview scene? And should Colleen and Misty get their own Netflix show? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Netflix/Marvel

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