Physical media is the only way to actually have ownership over the movies, TV shows, and music you love. FACT. Blu-rays and the like take up room, but they aren’t subject to the whims of a streaming service and its licensing agreements. How many of us have purchased a film or TV episode on Prime or Apple only to later learn it isn’t in your library? With Netflix, as we’ve seen with other services like Max, you never own the media. It can disappear without warning. That’s why we’re so thrilled to hear at least one of our favorite horror filmmakers’ film will get a physical release soon.

Kate Siegel is unknowingly stalked by a masked killer in Hush.

As we learned from Collider, Mike Flanagan spoke to SlashFilm recently about his 2016 Netflix-exclusive movie Hush. Starring Flanagan’s frequent collaborator and spouse Kate Siegel, the movie follows a deaf novelist who lives in a house in the woods unaware a home invader lurks. It’s a very straightforward thriller, but offers some great tension. But Netflix took the movie off the platform, and it’s nowhere to be find at the moment.

“We took it back because I really value physical media,” Flanagan said. “Netflix, by policy, it does not work in their business plan. So we took it back. We do have a new home for it. I can’t say where.” He went on to say that they’ve been working on a fancy schmancy physical release for a year. “There will be a lot of really awesome surprises that we’ve been working on for a year to make this release awesome. It’s something that will be really exciting.”

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