Not that we ever forgot that fact. But Twitter Movie’s adorable thread of Michelle Yeoh reading fan tweets really drives it home. Yeoh joined Twitter Movies while promoting her new movie  Everything Everywhere All At Once. But, of course, we love her in everything from Star Trek: Discovery to Crazy Rich Asians to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Yeoh is absolutely adorable as she takes on Twitter and all its wonders. And, honestly, promotion well done because we could not love her more.

Michelle Yeoh adorably reads fan tweets to promote her new movie Everything Everywhere All At Once
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The thread of Michelle Yeoh’s tweet reading runs pretty long, so we’ve selected some of our favorite clips.

First up, niche genres can be the best ones.

Michelle Yeoh grins as she reads this tweet and offers, “My legs still reach up there, cool.” Yeah. That feels pretty cool to us. We hope the genre continues for a long time.

Next, Everything Everywhere All At Once director gets in on the fun.

We love hearing about this behind-the-scenes anecdote about the movie. And we love imagining Jamie Lee Curtis and Michelle Yeoh ganging up on the poor director. Talk about a dream team. Michelle Yeoh cackles at this tweet and makes threats more tickling lies in wait for Daniel Kwan. We love the knowledge that this film set was a delightful one.

Finally, the thread concludes with a true gem. Michelle Yeoh recaps her accomplishments and we love watching her recount her greatest hits. She notes, “Man, I was in Bond, so I better understand the assignment. And then I was the Emporer, bloody Philippa Georgiou, I mean, she rocked the universe. So I have to know the assignment. In Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. C’mon. Right. The sword is mine.”

Michelle Yeoh’s characters may rock their universes, but undoubtedly Michelle Yeoh rocks ours.