We’ve been speculating for months that Secret Wars was the MCU event that they were gearing toward, and at SDCC, we were proven correct. Although which version of Secret Wars gets adapted is still a mystery. But given Kevin Feige’s love of all things written by Jonathan Hickman, we think his 2015 Secret Wars event is the way they are going. (With some elements of the original 1984 series sprinkled in). This means after a cataclysmic crisis across the Multiverse, we’ll likely see all time/space collapse at the end of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

The logo for Avengers: The Secret Wars
Marvel Studios

But in the next film, we’ll see Battleworld. It’s a planet assembled by Doctor Doom, created from broken fragments of the shattered Multiverse. Each of these fragments is its own territory of land, a realm with its own monarch. Realms that often fight with the others for domination. Think Game of Thrones, but with Marvel characters. Although the comics had literally dozens of realities making up Battleworld, we think the movies will have to focus on a few. And we think these are prime candidates, each making this the ultimate Marvel movie crossover event of all time.

Technopolis, an Iron Man Science Utopia
Marvel Comics

The possibility of Robert Downey Jr. coming back thanks to the Multiverse will almost certainly come into play in Secret Wars. It’s just too tantalizing a prospect for Marvel Studios to pass up. And the multiverse provides a way to bring back Tony without undoing his sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame. (Variants, baby!) And the original Secret Wars comic had a perfect template for how to utilize Tony Stark in Battleworld: Technopolis.

Marvel Studios

Technopolis was a futuristic utopia, with flying cars and wonderful advancements. Howard Stark created Technopolis, although it was later run by Tony and Pepper Potts. A Techno-wonderland run by Stark tech, with Tony as the land’s “baron,” seems like a perfect realm to see in Battleworld. Technopolis is Tony’s dream of world made better by Arc reactor tech, something his 616 counterpart new saw realized. But it would be fun to see a world where Tony succeeded.

Marvel Zombies
Marvel Comics

Ever since Robert Kirkman introduced the Marvel Zombies in the comics, fans have wanted to see them in live-action. We’ve seen the reanimated superhero corpses in animated form as an episode of What If…?, and soon they’ll have their own animated series. Marvel will not be able to resist bringing a version of that to Battleworld. Maybe with a group of survivors fighting them that includes Steve Rogers as Captain America? There’s your perfect way to include Chris Evans in the mix.

Mutopia, the X-Men/Mutant Realm
Twentieth Century Films

We’ve been waiting for mutants to appear in the MCU for years now. But it seems certain that some versions of them will appear in Secret Wars. We think Kevin Feige can’t resist giving the Fox X-Men one last hurrah, and giving them their own section of Battleworld would be the way to go. In the comic, it was Mutopia, a world where humans are in decline and mutants rule. The X-Men are beloved celebrities with many different branches.

Marvel Comics

They may reimagine Mutopia as a whole section of Battleworld that is an amalgam of the Fox X-Men universe, with several of the original actors back. It would surely drive fans wild. Just imagine if we get Hugh Jackman back one more time, and he gets to fight the Hulk? Or James Marsden, Ana Paquin, Halle Berry, and the rest in comics-inspired costumes, taking on the Avengers? Who wouldn’t want to pay to see that?

Spider-Island, Home of All Spider-Mans
Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

Ever since Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield came back as their respective Spider-Mans in No Way Home, fans have been asking if we’d see them again. Well, Secret Wars would be the perfect place. In the comics, Spider-Island was something a wee bit different, but we think it would be the perfect name for a version of Manhattan where only the Spider-heroes dwell. Not just Tobey and Andrew, but it might be how we meet the MCU’s Miles Morales too. Once the Secret Wars are over, and a new MCU is born, you fold Miles in this way, as a remnant of a now-dead reality. Which is just what the comics did.

Ultron Controlled Realm
Marvel Studios

What If…? gave us many different scenarios for different outcomes for various MCU movies. Including one in which Ultron won against the Avengers. This would be a world totally devoid of organic life, where only AI thrives. All of which are based on Ultron’s programming. Think the world of The Matrix or the Terminator films, only with the snark of James Spader. Many MCU fans came away disappointed in how they handled Ultron, so this might be his redemption as a villain.

The Hidden Isle of Agamotto
Marvel Comics

In the comic, Doctor Stephen Strange is the right hand of God Emperor Doom, and the Sherriff of Battleworld. He has his own land that is his call home, the Isle of Agamotto. They might reconceive this concept for the film as a section of Battleworld where magic reigns supreme. Where not only Doctor Strange resides, but also Wanda Maximoff, Agatha Harkness, and any other magic wielder. And maybe a few magic-based characters we haven’t met yet in the MCU might be introduced here.

The Realm of Loki, Prince of Asgard
Marvel Studios

Loki made a good attempt at conquering the Earth in the first Avengers film, and very nearly succeeded. But what if he did succeed? A world where Loki rules supreme is a tantalizing prospect, even if it only shows up in a small way. It allows for Tom Hiddleston to chew the scenery, and we always love that. We are pretty sure the actor would be down for that, give how attached he is to the character. We’re imagining a version of Manhattan where Chitauri soldiers stand on every corner, with Loki’s smug face plastered on every building. It’s just too fun to pass up.

Marvel Comics

In the Secret Wars comics, there are literally dozens of other realms. There’s Arcadia, a realm run by She-Hulk with only warrior women. There’s also Egyptia, where Moon Knight’s Khonshu rules supreme. A Secret Wars movie wouldn’t have time to explore them all. But perhaps a Battleoworld Disney+ series between Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars is called for? That would truly make the end of Phase 6 something fans will never forget.