Things are about to change big time in the X-Men universe over at Marvel Comics. After five years of living on the mutant island of Krakoa and leading the most powerful nation on Earth, the mutants have lost it all. Again. Yet the X-Men thrive in adversity, which is the theme for the upcoming “From the Ashes” relaunch. We already know of new iterations of X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, and other legacy titles. But now Marvel has revealed that two iconic X-Women are leading the charge with solo books of their own. And one of them is also becoming an Avenger at last.

Storm, the iconic X-Man and powerful Kenyan Weather Goddess, will officially join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Avengers #17 this coming August. This issue, from writer Jed McKay, will also mark the debut of new series artist Valerio Schiti, who most recently drew Jonathan Hickman’s G.O.D.S. Here’s the official synopsis from Marvel on Ororo Munroe’s induction into the Avengers, as well as cover art for Avengers #17.

The cover art for Avengers #17, the induction of Storm into the team. Art by Joshua Cassara.
Marvel Comics

Krakoa’s tragic fall has made the Avengers realize how vital a mutant voice on the team is, and they’ll settle for nothing less than the most prominent and beloved mutant super hero on the planet! A pop culture icon, Storm has assembled with the Avengers before—in both comics as well as other forms of media—but never like this! Not only will the Avengers need her Omega-level power for the battles ahead, but they’ll need to rely on her unique expertise and leadership skills as MacKay’s overarching plots involving Kang, the Twilight Court, and more kick into high gear. This only marks the beginning of what’s shaping up to be a monumental period for Storm as she’ll also headline an all-new solo ongoing series launching later this year!

Avengers writer Jed Mckay added the following:

When we were putting together thoughts for X-Men, one problem kept coming up—Storm needed to have a presence in a book befitting her status, but it would be weird for her to be on an X-Men team if she wasn’t the leader. The solution was simple—she needed to be on the global stage, among equals, and what better place for that than the Avengers? We’re excited to bring Storm back to the Avengers and show what adventures she’ll get up to as part of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!

Storm will be on the team with her ex-husband Black Panther. Also on the team are the Scarlet Witch and the Vision. Two divorced couples saving the world on the same team? Now that should be fodder for all kinds of great superhero melodrama. Yet that’s not all for Ororo. She’ll also be joining her BFF Jean Grey in finally landing an ongoing solo series, along with another iconic X-Woman, Dazzler.

Storm will be brought to life by African creator Murewa Ayodele (Moon Knight: Black, White, and Blood and I Am Iron Man), and Lucas Werneck, the superstar artist known for his work on recent X-Men epics like Immortal X-Men. Werneck also designed a stunning new costume for Storm’s exciting new venture into solo storytelling. The tagline says “Mutants no longer have a homeland. But they still have a queen.” Here’s the official synopsis from Marvel:

Storm has always been a prime protector of the planet. With the loss of Krakoa, that position becomes more important to her than ever. From her new super hero headquarters, Storm begins making decisions that will forecast the future of the Marvel Universe. Her bold actions will stir forces around and even beyond Earth, calling forth enemies that match her strength and determination.

Marvel Entertainment

The first female mutant to get her own solo series way back in 1981 was mutant pop star Dazzler. A byproduct of the disco age, Alison Blaire’s solo adventures ran for five years and 42 issues. In these stories, she became a Herald of Galactus, a love interest of the cosmic Beyonder, and more. She eventually became an X-Man, and Marvel just announced her first solo series since 1986. The tagline for her new series says “Her world tour begins.” Is this Dazzler’s very own “Eras Tour?” She’s certainly had plenty of them. Her new four-issue series is from writer Jason Loo and artist Rafael Loureiro launches in September.

No stranger to headlining, Alison Blaire enjoyed a successful solo career outside the X-Men in the 1980s with the fondly remembered and long-running Dazzler series. Now, she’s back to inspire a whole new generation, spreading a message of love and acceptance one sold-out show at a time.Her tour is for everyone, but backstage, Allison is joined by a crew of fellow mutants: head of security Domino, personal guard Strong Guy, one-man roadie Multiple Man, drummer Shark Girl, and expert publicist Wind Dancer! Anti-mutant fervor has never felt more personal, but anyone who tries to dim Dazzler’s light will just have to face the music!

There are still more “From the Ashes” announcements to come. Some X-Men remain unaccounted for. Hey, where the heck is Iceman? And Colossus? Honestly, we can’t wait to see where our favorite mutants all land.

Originally published on May 13, 2024.