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5 Things We Learned About CLOAK & DAGGER Season 2
Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger surprised TV drama and Marvel fans with a powerful debut season. The show returns to Freeform for season two on April 4 and promises to be bigger, bolder, and more comic-booky. Nerdist joined a group of reporters on the set in December where series executive producer Joe Pokaski told us, “If we were playing on a chess board last year it was probably a four by four chess board. Now we’re a full eight by eight.”

Not only will the show explore subject matters the Marvel Cinematic Universe has never seen, but the action’s stepping up a notch. Aubrey Joseph, who plays Tyrone Johnson, understood that “a lot of people were looking for that action… with season two you get that from the first episode, just from the jump.” Here are five more things we learned about Cloak & Dagger‘s second season.

Further exploration of Tyrone’s Cloak and powers
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One of the most satisfying moments of Cloak & Dagger’s first season was when we finally got to see Tyrone enact justice by absorbing the man who killed his brother Billy, Detective Connors, into his cloak in episode ten. Noted Marvel comic fan Aubrey Joseph was just as excited to film the scene, “Yes, finally!” he said.

But what exactly happened? How will season two explore Ty’s superpowers? How much of those powers has he mastered? Well, Joseph said, “He’s basically controlled the whole teleporting thing.” Ty’s powers may even evolve, too. “It gets even crazier this season, to a point where it’s explored even deeper and that’s all I’m gonna say because I don’t wanna get in trouble,” Joseph continued.

And as for Ty’s Cloak, it absorbed Detective Connors at the end of season one.  It might not be the last we see of that jerk. Joseph offered this explanation, “In order for Connors to be back, he has to somehow escape that dimension. So, we will see what happens.”

Tandy and Tyrone’s roles will reverse
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One of the show’s strengths is the dynamic between Tandy and Tyrone, played by Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph, respectively. With the show planning to tackle a heavy subject matter this season (keep reading), it’s no surprise their dynamic shifts. “[Tyrone] takes on this role of a protector, and really has to man up and mature and protect O’Reilly and Tandy. It’s going to be cool to see that relationship with O’Reilly, the roles reversing with that,” Joseph explained.

Andrea Roth, who plays Tandy’s mom, weighed in on some of what’s happening with her daughter. She said this season starts with a very cleaned up, sober Melissa. Roth said, “I’ve pulled Tandy along with me into an abuse group for women. So we’re working on the dark areas of our past together.”

Cloak and Dagger’s bond will continue to strengthen, but romance isn’t necessarily on the table…yet. When we brought up Cloak and Dagger’s relationship in the comics, Joseph admitted, “At some point, we may see that, but for right now, I’m in love with their friendship. Them being best friends is very cool to see.”

Vodun will play a large role in the show, and possibly the superhuman powers
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Cloak and Dagger originate in New York City in the comics, but the TV series has embraced the city of New Orleans in every way it can. Vodun played an important role in the first season, and the religion will still very much be present. Joseph said it’s still a huge part of the show. Pokaski elaborated and described stepping “into a place that I think is not only tied to Vodun, but in a way that Tandy and Tyrone see people’s hopes and fears, tied to our subconscious.”

New Orleans Vodun culture isn’t just helping with superpower storytelling, but helping to inform actors about their characters. Joseph explained that Ty got his sense of pride from his dad, “ever since that day he saw his father with those Mardi Gras Indians and how comfortable he was, and he saw his father in a totally different way.”

Brigid O’Reilly will transform into the vigilante Mayhem
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Comics fans may not be familiar with the name Mayhem, but she’s a big bad and sometimes ally to Cloak and Dagger. And her actual name? Brigid O’Reilly. The detective aided the teens, particularly Ty, in season one, but in season two, who knows. The writers looked to another Marvel property to find inspiration for bringing Mayhem from the page to the screen. “We’ve used the word ‘Killmonger’ as an adverb, a noun–I was really impressed with what they did with that character, the idea of a t-shirt that says ‘Killmonger was right’ is interesting to me,” said Pokaski.

Emma Lehana, who plays Mayhem–sorry, Detective Brigid O’Reilly–echoed those Killmonger comparisons, “Killmonger was so interesting because you’re like ‘I understand what you’re doing and I’m kinda glad you’re there doing it, because I wouldn’t do it.’ But then again, you have to think about the ripple effect, and everything else. Is it fair, is it justified?” The season will explore the morality of vigilante justice…and Mayhem’s abilities. In the comics, Mayhem’s fingernails turn to super strong “claws” that can hypnotize or paralyze her victims. “There’s definitely a focus on her fingernails,” Lahana said. “Sometimes we use what’s there in the comics. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we do.”

The show will take on human trafficking
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Cloak & Dagger tackled issues like racism, police violence, and domestic abuse in its first season, and the writers have no plans to slow down for season two. Tandy and Ty will be getting involved in human trafficking. Pokaski described learning about it from a curator at a slavery museum in Baton Rouge. “I was asking him, ‘Where’s the worst slavery right now, is it in the Congo, in the Sudan?’ He was like, ‘Nope, it’s in the highways along here.’ And he was pointing to the highways along Louisiana coming from Texas, near Mexico. There are some estimates that there as many as 300,000 men and women, but mostly women, being trafficked either for sex or for work, in the United States.”

The cast agreed how important it was to shine on a light on this sickening reality. “I feel like it’s not really talked about on television like that, and it’s insane that it still goes on to this day,” said Joseph. Pokaski added, “If in our little corner of the Marvel Universe are the two kids who are fighting shit that we should all be fighting, then it’s a damn fine place to live in.”

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger‘s second season premieres on Freeform on April 4.

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