Later this summer, the Guardians of the Galaxy will co-star in the new Infinity Wars event miniseries as they attempt to keep the Infinity Stones out of the wrong hands. Marvel has broadly hinted that major characters may be killed off during Infinity Wars, and more recently, the company has indicated that the Guardians will be “no more.” In their place, a new team will rise: the Asgardians of the Galaxy!

Marvel has announced that writer Cullen Bunn and artist Matteo Lolli will be the creative team behind Asgardians of the Galaxy. As the name implies, most of the characters on the team are either Asgardian or they share an association with  Thor. However, the only direct link to the Guardians of the Galaxy is Angela, Thor’s sister, and the only person who has been on both teams.

Joining Angela is Marvel’s original Valkyrie, Brunhilde, and her human host, Annabelle Riggs. Bunn merged Valkyrie and Annabelle during his previous series, The Fearless Defenders. And for the first time in years, Skurge the Executioner is fully back among the living and out of Hel.

Another member of the team is Thunderstrike a.k.a. Kevin Masterson, a young man from Earth who inherited the power and the mantle from father, original Thunderstrike Eric Masterson. There’s also the Destroyer armor, but it’s not currently known who will be in control of it. Rounding out the team is Throg…who is basically Thor as a frog. More specifically, Throg is Puddlegulp, a frog who befriended the real Thor when he was turned into a frog. Yes, this really happened.

Asgardians of the Galaxy #1 will launch in September.

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Images: Marvel

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