It’s time to say “Hi, Barbie!” to the Monopoly Man. We bet Margot Robbie is collecting much more than $200 as she passes through to producing her next movie, an adaptation of the Monopoly board game. Few details on the Monopoly movie are available at present, but with Margot Robbie at the helm, we’re sure it will be just weird and fun enough. Robbie, who saw great success with Barbie, and her company LuckyChap seem to be making strange movies based on unexpected gaming IP into their brand. First, we got news of a Sims movie on the horizon, and now there’s Monopoly. What will Robbie think of next? We guess we’ll have to roll the dice to find out.

Margot Robbie as Barbie Waving and the monopoly man
Warner Bros./Hasbro

Lionsgate Motion Picture Group chair Adam Fogelson  shared at CinemaCon that LuckyChap had “a clear point of view” for the Monopoly movie. But, of course, he did not offer more about what we might expect. We bet someone will be buying Park Place, though. And someone else will probably head to jail. Will the fierce family-rending aspect of the Monopoly game be front and center in Margot Robbie’s movie? We hope so. And we also vote for Ryan Gosling to bring the Monopoly Man to life. You know you want to see it.

Meanwhile, LuckyChap noted, “Monopoly is a top property — pun fully intended. Like all of the best IP, this game has resonated worldwide for generations, and we are so excited to bring this game to life alongside the wonderful teams involved at Lionsgate and Hasbro.”

Mostly, we just hope the popcorn buckets for the Monopoly movie will be shaped like the game pieces. The thimble has always been my favorite. We also can’t wait to see just what existential crisis this Margot Robbie film will bring us as we enter this new realm of game-based cinema.