Makeup artist Jody Steel has been blowing us away with her incredible artistry since back in 2017, when she went viral for her Pennywise transformation. But she’s never stopped creating, and her skills have only gotten more mind-blowing since then. She’s even done some amazing makeup transformations based on very recent faves, like The Wheel of Time and Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Here are but a handful of our favorites.

Jody Steel's amazing makeup transformations into Venom, Scarlet Witch, and the Wheel of Times' Shadowspawn.
Jody Steel

One of the more disturbing-looking creatures in The Wheel of Time were the Shadowspawn, servants of the Dark One. Let’s be real, anytime there’s a creature with all mouth and no eyes, it’s always nightmare fuel. And Steel does an excellent job of evoking said nightmares.

Keeping things on the Marvel tip, this makeup transformation not only evokes the Venom symbiote, but Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock as well. This one is genuinely creepy.

Whether it’s from the animated Disney Peter Pan or Steven Spielberg’s Hook, millions have a soft spot for the villainous (yet goofy) Captain Hook. And this is a rather spot-on tribute to the Captain of the Jolly Roger.

The poor Gingerbread Man from Shrek suffered so much abuse. But it’s pretty incredible seeing Jody Steel bring the little guy to life here. Warning: Christmas might be behind us, but this TikTok video has some Mariah Carey holiday action going on. Brace yourself.

Picking up the mantle from the iconic spook known as Slimer was no small task. But we think Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s Muncher did a fine job. This makeup tribute is particularly amazing, because she transforms her torso into the ghost trap, crossing streams and all.

This Batman ’89 version of the Joker is to die for. (Maybe not the best use of words when talking about Mister J.) Our only complaint is that the music used should have been Prince’s “ Partyman.”

And speaking of the Dark Knight…

To see more of Jody Steel’s incredible makeup artistry, check out her TikTok and Instagram accounts.