Considering the record-breaking box office success of the recent big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, we expect to see about a million people dressed as Pennywise this Halloween. But since most people aren’t trained makeup artists, that also means we expect to see close to a million messy/disappointing/unfortunate versions of Bill Skarsgård’s creepy monster. But you don’t have to be one of them, thanks to this video showing how to go from a perfectly normal-looking human to a sewer-dwelling, kid-devouring clown. Created by one of our favorite makeup artists, Jody Steel, this spot-on recreation of Pennywise’s memorable visage promises to be the first of many videos this month dedicated to our favorite holiday of the year.

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I’m only doing Halloween makeup ideas from here on out,” she said. “My favorite holiday.” What stands out watching the transformation take place is how quickly it gets really creepy. Even just the white face with those distinct eyebrows reminded us of how Pennywise made our skin crawl. We don’t know what other makeup transformation videos Jody Steel will be releasing this month in the lead-up to her (and our) favorite holiday, but we’re excited to find out which pop culture creepers she’ll be teaching us how to bring to life just in time for Halloween.

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What other makeup transformations do you hope to see from Jody this October? Don’t be scared to tell us of your Halloween hopes and dreams (or, more appropriately, nightmares) in the comments below.

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