Magic: The Gathering creating an oracle deck just seems right. After all, what carries more magic with it than Magic cards? The immersive and fantastical world of the trading card game has that perfectly witchy energy that lends itself well to symbolic cards of the oracle or tarot variety. Magic: The Gathering has its own unique realms, nuanced symbolism, and true mythology. It feels only right it should decorate cards meant to help users find their way in the world. And we bet Magic: The Gathering‘s fans will feel very guided by an oracle deck themed to their favorite fandom. Not to mention, odds are, the art will be just incredible. Here’s what we know about The Magic: The Gathering Oracle Deck.

Magic the Gathering Oracle card deck art
Clarkson Potter

The official description of these Magic: The Gathering oracle cards shares:

From the team behind The Dungeons & Dragons Tarot Deck comes this officially licensed oracle deck comprising 52 all-new illustrations that celebrate the characters, creatures, and lore of the world’s largest trading card game. Inspired by Theros, the plane where monsters prevail, mortals endure, and heroes ascend, this Magic: The Gathering-themed deck features exclusive art of Jace, the Planeswalker; Hythonia, the legendary gorgon; and well-known creatures such as the Pegasus, Chimera, Sirens, and more.

In addition, The Magic: The Gathering Oracle Deck will feature a guidebook to help fans begin to understand the practice of oracle cards. This includes “instructions on how to use and interpret the cards and descriptions of each card image.” Like oracle deck practitioners, the deities of Theros value belief as a true power that can be used to change the world. These oracle cards will invite their users to explore meaning within and without.

We also especially love that these Magic: The Gathering oracle cards are drawing from a Greek-inspired plane. It really brings to mind the many prophecies and ideas of fate prevalent in Greek mythology.

Wizards of the Coast

Finally, to state the obvious, one can never have too many pretty decks of cards. That’s the first rule of tarot and oracle decks. We haven’t gotten to see too many illustrations from The Magic: The Gathering Oracle Deck yet, but we feel like once we do, we’ll just have to have it.

The Magic: The Gathering Oracle Deck releases on May 21, 2024. It will cost $24.99. You can pre-order it today.