Recently, The Lord of the Rings arrived in the world of Magic: The Gathering. The Magic card collection, titled Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth, brought to life many epic moments and characters from The Lord of the Rings. But Magic also took the set one step further. The company created a special version of “The One Ring” card that was serialized as one of one. Yes, there was only one card made of this Ring of Power, and it was hidden throughout all The Lord of the Rings Magic cards released. Of course, this started a frenzied search to find the One Ring that was not dissimilar to the one we saw in The Lord of the Rings movies—my precious, etc. But now Magic‘s One Ring has officially been discovered. Does that many evil wins? We guess only if the card isn’t destroyed.

We’ll have to see what comes next. Rare cards can often sell for quite a bit of money, and this one is as rare as they come. We also don’t yet know who found this special One Ring Magic card. But we hope they’re a Hobbit, ready to travel to the depths of the fiery Mount Doom. Or, we hope they’re having a good day, anyway.

Three of the new cards for Magic: the Gathering Lord of the Rings set, the one ring of power magic card has been found
Wizards of the Coast

As is the case with Rings of Power, we’re sure we’ll hear more about the fate of this ring/Lord of the Rings Magic card very soon. Or maybe Sauron will take over, and we’ll know for sure what has gone down.