She’s pop culture’s most famous female superhero, and now Wonder Woman is going be honored by the United Nations with her very own official day, recognizing her 75 years of inspiration to young women all over the globe. And according to magazine Closer Weekly, actress Lynda Carter, who made the DC Comics heroine an icon to millions of people all around the world, will be on hand in New York City when the United Nations declares Oct. 21 “Wonder Woman Day.” In a statement, Carter said, “to honor Wonder Woman and women all over the world is just amazing.”

In the comics, Wonder Woman has long been the United Nations ambassador from the secret island nation of Themyscira, home of the Amazons, and she’s a diplomat first and a superhero second. So it’s most fitting that it is the United Nations which is the organization who recognizes this icon. Especially when there are several countries represented in the U.N. who still treat women like second class citizens, or worse. It’s a bold statement that needs to be made, even if it is about a fictional character.

Carter, who will soon appear on the CW Supergirl series as the female president of the United States, spoke of Princess Diana’s enduring popularity in an interview with Closer Weekly, saying “Wonder Woman taught women to be who you are. I have received the greatest letters from people telling me what an inspiration she was to them because she represents an inner strength every woman has.” Carter added “TV executives didn’t think there was a market for a female holding a show like Wonder Woman.” We know now who had the last laugh.

What do you think of Diana Prince being recognized by the United Nations? And do you secretly hope that our new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, joins Lynda Carter for the ceremony? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Images: Warner Brothers/ DC Comics