The Lost Boys is still one of the greatest vampire movies ever made. Its cult following has only grown during the past three decades since release. Although development continues on a CW Lost Boys television series, that’s not the only project related to the heavy metal vamps of Santa Carla that’s in the works.

According to a report coming from Syfy (via i09), a Lost Boys prequel stage musical, called A Lost Boys Story,  is very close to coming to fruition. And it’s score is actually written by musician G Tom Mac, who wrote the movie’s memorable opening track, “ Cry Little Sister.”

Mac has the entire soundtrack to the musical on Spotify already, and has made concept videos illustrating his ideas for what the show would look like, one of which you can video above. And if you’re wondering if this project had the approval of the film’s late director Joel Schumacher, it most certainly did. Mac and Schumacher had long talks about the project, and the production had Joel Schumacher’s blessing.

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The show’s lead would be the movie’s lead bloodsucker, David, whom Kiefer Sutherland played in the film. The musical would tell the story of how the young David immigrated to America from Lithuania. There he winds up in an orphanage run by the vampire master Max.  The late Edward Herrmann portrayed Max in the movie, but he never had much backstory. In the play, we would see how Max turns David into a vampire; then we start barreling down to the version of the story from the film.

According to Mac, David would soon gather the rest of his brothers, saying “They all come from different walks of life in Middle America, the Midwest, Arizona, and then they head to California. That’s when all the good stuff starts. We tried to take a twist, whereby we know the story of the movie, but we don’t know how it all got there. And in the musical, we do. It’s very much a story of immortality, but it’s also a story about how people in their 20s think they’re immortal, anyway. It kind of runs that parallel of pop culture.”

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Originally, this would have opened in late 2021, but it’s now looking like 2022 at the earliest. Plans for the project are pretty far along already. Mac drops several tidbits about the show in the interview, like his hopes for Malcolm McDowell to play Max. And he even hints at the possible involvement of the movie’s infamous “sax man,” Tim Cappello. After all, what even is The Lost Boys without its greased up saxaphone player??

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