Earlier in the year, Nerdist went on its own epic journey and built LEGO’s Rivendell set. As expected, the results were astounding. The build features all the hallmarks of The Lord of the Rings movies’ elven sanctuary, including the bridge and gazebo where Arwen and Aragorn share a moonlit moment and the Council Ring where our favorite fellowship forms. Not to mention, it comes with 15 Minifigures. In short, it gives you everything you need to recreate sequences from the beloved franchise in LEGO form. And in a gorgeous stop motion video, shared by Warner Bros. itself, DigitalWizardsStudios did exactly that. Watch as LEGO’s The Lord of the Rings Rivendell set transforms into a stop-motion animation masterpiece that reimagines all our favorite cinematic scenes.

DigitalWizardsStudios notes, “Join the Fellowship of the Ring for a building adventure of a lifetime as you relive all of your favorite Rivendell scenes thanks to LEGO 10316’s Lord of the Rings: Rivendell set. This stunning 6,167-piece set comes to life in beautiful LEGO stop-motion animation like you’ve never seen before!”

LEGO Stop motion rivendell video Arwen and Aragorn bridge scene

And we have to agree. Is this not exactly the sort of imaginative creation this The Lord of the Rings LEGO set was begging for? The stop-motion video really brings to life the beauty of the Rivendell LEGO build… And of the movies. After all, not just any dialogue can remain effortlessly elegant in LEGO form. And we must say, watching the LEGO One Ring drive a bunch of Minifigures to argument is a singular experience. In short, we’re ready for the LEGO The Lord of the Rings Movie to release any day now. Can you imagine LEGO Frodo interacting with LEGO Batman?


For those who want to know more about how this epic LEGO Rivendell stop-motion video was created, DigitalWizardsStudios has just the videos for you. In addition to the end result, they’ve shared two other fun LEGO recordings. First, you can experience a speed build of the LEGO Rivendell set, noted for ASMR purposes. We do enjoy the clicking of the blocks and the satisfying way they come together. And second, the creators have shared a “Making of” behind-the-scenes video so you can check out exactly what went into making the seemingly effortless animation.

Now we just need someone to yell, “And my LEGOs!” as Frodo heads off to Mordor.

Feature Image: DigitalWizardsStudios